The 2017 Embassies Festival in Bucharest celebrate multiculturalism, diversity

Participating embassies included from India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Angola, Argentina, Brazil, Malaysia, Vietnam, Greece, Cuba, Jordan, Peru, South Korea, Armenia, China and Romania.

Being at its third edition, the Embassies Festival, with this year’s theme ONE World, was organized from September 7 to 10 at the Grand Hotel du Boulevard in Bucharest– the capitol of Romania.

The event was organized at the place that hosted the ethnographic art exhibitions and inspirational conferences, at Cinema PRO, where recent artistic movies and documentaries from more than 15 countries have been screened, and in the Titan Park, the place where World Bazaar & Show was held, with World Music exotic performances and dances from all over the world, with presentation stands of the participating embassies, workshops, ceremonies and multicultural workshops and tastings of food dishes from more than 10 traditional cuisines.

There have been scheduled music and dance spectacles with influences from countries like India, Indonesia, Angola, Argentina, Brazil, Malaysia, Vietnam, Greece, Cuba, Jordan, Peru, South Korea, Pakistan, Armenia, China and Romania.

Andreea Danescu, the Director of the Embassies Festival, stated that around 50 states have participated in this event, and minorities were also present.

“There are 16 participating countries with 24 movie screenings” Danescu pointed out.

Two exhibitions were held on Thursday to Sunday at the Grand Hotel du Boulevard, one of them referring to traditional costumes, and the other to contemporary photos of urban culture in the participating countries.

The same hotel hosted on Friday the conference “Branding a country”, held by Teodora Migdalovici, Cannes Lion Ambassador. The conference “Europe – Connecting Cultures: cultural diversity from trend-seller to a problem child?” was held on Saturday.

Live spectacles with international music, dance and live performance themes took place on Saturday and Sunday in the Titan Park. There have been also held various craft workshops, cultural ceremonies like the art of serving tea and coffee, various graphics, calligraphy and specific painting techniques, henna painting, cigar making, workshops for playing various traditional instruments from several countries.

The participating embassies also organized exhibition stands and traditional gastronomy food court places.

Children enjoyed interactive games and theater, foreign languages workshops, creative workshops for knowing customs and traditions of the participating countries.

“The event (…) celebrates multiculturalism as a whole, in its depth, providing the public from Bucharest and from the country with the opportunity to get in touch with nations and cultures with which I believe that they couldn’t get in touch in normal circumstances” Danescu stated.

The Minister Delegate for EU Affairs, Victor Negrescu, said that the Embassies Festival is an opportunity to show the diversity from Romania.

“It is an excellent opportunity to show the diversity existing in Romania, and also to involve all of you in showing that Romania is a country where people feel home, where people can share their habits, where they can keep their traditions and where everybody is involved into a wonderful multicultural country”, Negrescu stated.

He also said that Bucharest is a home for many people from different parts of the world. The Minister believes that the purpose of the festival is also to show that everybody is welcomed in Romania and Bucharest. In his opinion, it’s wonderful to show the world’s diversity for a few days in Bucharest.

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