The Best Winter Jacket for Men and Women is the “Motorcycle Jacket”: Fortune Magazine

Mamosa Report — Business travel is tough. In the winter? Even worse. You need something more versatile. That something is a motorcycle jacket, Fortune recommends.

Whether on the plane, off the plane, too-warm airports, too-cold climates, a time zone-hopping international jaunt during the colder months of the calendar can challenge even the best tailored overcoats—and a puffy jacket just isn’t practical for a road warrior.

For many a motorcycle jacket as a fashion statement-cum-utilitarian outfit may sound awful but it can be a likable option for many.

Though far too casual for a business traveler! But let’s get real—you aren’t actually wearing a three-piece suit on that flight from New York to Singapore, are you?

The beauty of a motorcycle jacket is that it’s rugged in the right ways yet structured enough to throw over a dress shirt. A waxed canvas number—such as a men’s Belstaff Trialmaster or Barbour International Duke or a women’s Roadmaster or Beadnell—will resist with equal mastery the icy rains of northern Europe and the blustery snow of mid-winter Manhattan.

When it’s Chicago-style cold, throw on a sweater and zip it up to the top; when it’s Los Angeles-level balmy, leave it hanging open and dress lightly underneath.

We recommend it too – can be worn anywhere in South Asia and the Middle East too, where mild to cold weather makes fashionistas love to say it loud.

(The original article appeared in the Fortune magazine website).

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