The horror in Jerusalem

Palestinians are being crushed physically but their spirit remains defiant

By KHALED ALMAEENA — The ongoing situation in the occupied territories in the West Bank is a matter of great concern to all peace-loving people around the world. Dozens of Palestinians have been killed. More than 900 have been injured — many of them critically. There was no respite for the injured ones as images of the critically wounded being dragged across the corridors of hospitals were splashed across television channels. Of course, not in all countries. A lasting and very disturbing image was that of a Palestinian man in prayer being kicked by an Israeli soldier.

Tear gas, rubber bullets, baton charges and rifle butts were freely used against the worshippers. Al-Aqsa, the third holiest mosque for Muslims, was closed. Armed Israeli settlers, emboldened by military support, descended like vultures on hapless Palestinian men, women and children, and took part in the beating of fallen Palestinians. Some were even seen dancing over Palestinian bodies. It was like the attack of the wild hyenas. Gloating settlers and heartless soldiers relished at the beating of Palestinians.

A new method now being employed by the occupiers is the kidnapping of Palestinian minors and forcibly removing many from their houses at midnight. The plan is mass terrorization. This is part of a larger sinister plan already approved by Israel’s friends in the US to change the Arab character of Jerusalem.

Ethnic cleansing is taking place. These are not wild claims. The Netanyahu government has asked for the dismantling of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA). It has shut down many aid operations.

Hell has broken loose in Palestine. However, the Palestinian spirit is not vanquished. The silence of their Arab brothers has not deterred them to stand up and confront the Israeli and US quest to subjugate them. The Palestinians continue to suffer. And the world watches.

The Europeans are quiet and their stand reeks of hypocrisy. Shameless politicians keep chanting the pro-Israel mantra. A rabidly Zionist media never reveals the savage attacks by Israeli borders and instead propagates Israel as a peaceful country.

Who is to blame then for this sorry state of affairs? The Arab world is busy fighting itself. The Arab media is on a high, hailing and praising. Arab writers are using Twitter and all forms of social media to hurl abuses and venom at each other.

As Chris Doyle, the director of the London-based Council for Arab-British Understanding (CAABU), said in a recent article, “Many Palestinian homes faced demolition. Of the 50,000-60,000 Palestinian homes in East Jerusalem, 15,000-20,000 were built without a permit, so they are liable of destruction. Such permits are almost impossible for a Palestinian to obtain, with only 7 percent of Jerusalem building permits allocated to Palestinian neighborhoods,” said Chris Doyle

“The Palestinian Authority is weaker than ever, and has no remit within Jerusalem. Palestinian Jerusalemites feel that they are abandoned and have to fight of their own cause. It could be a very long hot summer,” he said.

Only God can help them. The Palestinians are now on their own.

— Khaled Almaeena is a leading media and political analyst in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf. He is based in Jeddah. Follow him on Twitter @KhaledAlmaeena

The opinion peace appeared in online Al-Bilad English Daily

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