The NY Times Editorial on Kashmir and These Two Videos…

‘Won’t allow BJP to turn Jammu and Kashmir into theater of war for electoral gains’: Mehbooba Mufti

PKONWEB Report (New York/Islamabad) — The New York Times editorial published on Thursday–in a first–cautioned the world community of looming threat of nuclear war in South Asia unless warring India and “peace not war” Pakistan address the core issue of their conflict — Kashmir.

“A solution to a conflict that touches so many religious and nationalist nerves must ultimately come from within, through talks among India, Pakistan and the people of [occupied] Kashmir. It’s a long shot, and the protagonists have shown no serious interest, but that’s the reality nonetheless,” it read.

A video on social media of a child raising his arm and calling for freedom tells the emerging tale in the occupied valley–local youth and women are supportive enmass of the ongoing self-determination movement–it has already seen thousands of lives lost and hundreds blinded by pellet guns and scores wounded by Indian security forces’ firings.

Maven the Raven while posting the video on social media, wrote: “When such a young kid aims raise their voice in front of enemies, India must realize that they’ve comprehensively failed in Kashmir”.

The week NYTimes editorial appeared, world organization of 57 Muslim countries Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) condemned Indian army’s brutalities in held Kashmir and called for resolving the Kashmir dispute–it apparently hit Delhi’s nerves as the Ministry of External Affairs rejected OIC’s statement terming Kashmir India’s “internal matter”.

Not any more it seems with growing attention the international community and media are giving to the happenings in occupied Kashmir and many regional players such as Turkey, Saudi Arabia, UAE, China and Iran weighing in on the matter.

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Pakistan’s restraint in the face of Indian aggression was also being praised worldwide.

According to New York Times, the conflict could have spiraled out of control had Pakistan not released the Indian pilot, Abhinandan, two days after his capture as a “gesture of peace”.

“Prime Minister Imran Khan returned the pilot to India, in what was seen as a good-will gesture, called for talks and promised an investigation into the bombing. [Indian Prime Minister Narendra] Modi took the opportunity to back off further escalation,” the editorial said.

Days earlier, Turkish President Ordagan had praised PM Imran for the decision to release the pilot calling it a sign of strength.

Morally, geopolitically and militarily Pakistan may have jumped a notch up, while PM Narendra Modi has earned some kudos from his ultra-nationalist base weeks before the national election–still he could end up finding himself on tight rope, media reports say.

PM Modi’s gambit has however ended up internationalizing the darker side of Kashmir’s bloody story despite a security and defense bonhomie with the US and a hand in glove sort of friendship with Israel.

New Delhi’s policies in occupied Kashmir are also being criticised by the people in India who were saying that India has “lost Kashmir”.

Internationalizing Kashmir has been catching up since over two years now. Arundhati Roy’s latest op-ed summarizes saner elements sentiment in India. By deploying the IAF, Narendra Modi has ensured that Kashmir is conclusively internationalized, Ms. Roy writes.

Dovetailing Roy’s sulfurous writeup on Delhi’s damning handling of Kashmir, politicians and leaders including Mehbooba Mufti and Farooq Abdullah are also questioning India’s policy regarding occupied Kashmir.

‘Won’t allow BJP to turn Jammu and Kashmir into theater of war for electoral gains’, said Mufti according to The Hindustan Times.

Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi on Saturday pointed out he situation in occupied Kashmir saying it had deteriorated so much that the United States had issued a travel advisory, telling its citizens not to visit the region.

The United Nations Human Rights Commission has called for a commission to be formed to probe the situation in the occupied territory. The British House of Commons has also expressed concern over the situation in occupied Kashmir.

So does his cute-pie from Kashmir–has a request for PM Modi and PM Imran Khan.

Khan has urged New Delhi to hold dialogue over the Kashmir conflict–he has done so more than once since he came to power last year and has warned that continued suppression of Kashmiris by the Indian forces will result in grim consequences.

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