This Is PM Imran Khan’s First Day Dress Code and Morning Ritual (PICS)

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AUG 19, 2018: The newly elected Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan shocked many early morning today with his first day in office ritual — wearing a casual T-shirt and jogging-style pajama, and doing a brisk sporty walk which many had hard time keeping up with (LOL) –many say this would continue and can expect this as the new normal.

PM’s Secretarial Staff may have to change their dress code sans Nike hat, commented one.

A senior analyst with keen observations on Khan Sahib as a person and personality, while commenting on his first day in office pics said, “A body of men (nation) is like spaghetti. It can be pulled from the front and can’t be pushed from the rear. this man has the leadership trait. May Allah be his guide.

Khan Sagib has already done several firsts: Deciding not to live in the PM House behemoth and rather staying in a two-bedroom ministerial residence; Serving tea, biscuits and water to guests; shunning protocols and saying no to massive security cordon.

The 69-year-old Khan Sahib is addressing the nation today at 8PM local standard time. Most Pakistanis and overseas Pakistanis said they would be watching it live. When asked what in their opinion was issue number 1 that they expect Khan to address tonight, most said corruption, bringing back looted money and improving governance. The result of the quick WhatsAPP poll conducted today will be posted separately.

Khan holding rosebeads in hand.

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