Three-Month Summer Art Camp For Children To Start In Islamabad From June 26

May 22, 2019 (DESPARDES/PKONWEB) — A three-month long summer art camp for children would be held at Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA) in the capital Islamabad from June 26 to August 9.

Summer art camps are a regular feature of PNCA’s programs arranged to facilitate art lovers, students and amateur artists for boosting their extracurricular skills besides their regular studies.

PNCA is the custodian of over one thousand works of art by leading Pakistani artists. The institution was setup to spearhead the development of arts in the country.

During the three-month art camp, the participants would be trained in painting, music keyboard playing and singing, calligraphy, drama, puppet making, photography and sculpture.  “It helps children utilize their vacations in a fruitful and exciting manner and express their potential by giving realization to ideas through color and the brush, an official of PNCA said. He said that the classes will also help the children develop an interest in music and art. He said that Children of ages 5 to 15 are invited to learn painting, sculpture, puppetry, and use of different art materials.

These activities aim at providing opportunities to children to use their energies and improve their artistic skills. Registration is offered on first come-first serve basis. He said that over 100 students from various educational institutions of the twin cities would participate in the classes to get training in different fields of visual and performing arts during the three- month art camp. He said that PNCA continued to create comprehensive program of art courses for children and teens to provide artistic skill building and exploration capacity for students.

The prestigious institute aims to build a robust arts ecosystem in the country by creating an environment conducive to the flourishing of the arts, where the arts are accessible to everyone and artists and art groups have the commitment, financial support and resource and to excel at home, and on the world stage.

In March, “LIGHTING”, a German-Pakistani collaborative dance performance by the famous German artist, Anna Konjetzky was held at the PNCA auditorium to a packed audience.


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