Trump to Declare ‘Emergency’ to Fund US-Mexico Border Wall

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PKONWEB Report (New York) — President Donald Trump will sign a border security bill to avert another government shutdown, but also declare a national emergency to try to obtain funds for his promised US-Mexico border wall.

Trump will appear in the White House Rose Garden at 10 am ET Friday to sign the compromise funding bill and announce a slate of executive actions, a White House official said. The plan is expected to include a declaration of national emergency, which he will use to reallocate $8 billion in government money to fund the wall.

Trump’s move comes amid reports that Democratic and Republican politicians have sharply criticized his plan to use emergency powers to pay for the wall.

The rarely-used move would enable President Trump to bypass Congress, which has refused to approve the money needed.

Senior Democrats accused the president of a “gross abuse of power” and a “lawless act”. Several Republicans also voiced concern at the plan.

Building a border wall was a key campaign pledge of Mr Trump’s campaign.

Declaring a national emergency would give Mr Trump access to billions of dollars for his project.

But a declaration of a national emergency to bypass Congress and reprogram funds already allocated by lawmakers would represent Trump’s most striking assault yet on the system of constitutional order that he is sworn to preserve, protect and defend.

If the move is not permanently blocked by the courts it could also come back to haunt Republicans, since it could provide a precedent for a future Democratic president to enact liberal priorities on an executive whim.

According to CNN, Trump’s “aggressive claim to presidential power will certainly face a judicial battle that seems to have every chance of rising all the way to the Supreme Court.”

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