Turkey trains hundreds of Pakistani military personnel

A total of 1,494 Pakistani military personnel received their military education in Turkey since a bilateral agreement was signed in March 2001, according to a Turkish military source reports Anadolu Agency.

Out of the total, 116 Pakistani military personnel were sent to the Turkish Armed Forces Partnership for Peace Training Center while 138 others received their education at the Center of Excellence and Defense Against Terrorism institution in Ankara.

Currently, three Pakistani military personnel were enrolled at the Turkish War Colleges Command while two others continue their studies at the Turkish Military Academy, the source, who asked not to be named due to restrictions on talking to the media, said.

As part of exchanges among the two countries’ air forces, 51 Pakistani personnel had carried out their duties in Turkey; five others are currently carrying out their duties in the country.

Also, 125 Turkish military personnel participated in educational programs at Pakistan War Colleges and Pakistan National Defense Academy since the 2001 agreement was signed. A Turkish officer remains enrolled at the Pakistan National Defense College.

A total of 47 Turkish military personnel performed their duties in Pakistan since the 2001 agreement was signed as part of an exchange program between the air forces. A Turkish air force officer is currently on duty in Pakistan.

On Wednesday, Pakistani Chief of General Staff Gen. Zubair Mahmud Hayat met Turkey’s Chief of General Staff Gen. Hulusi Akar in Ankara. The two generals discussed the fight against terrorism, cooperation in military education sector and exchanged views on regional and international issues.

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