Turkey’s friend is our friend, Turkey’s enemy is also Pakistan’s: Pak PM Abbasi

“We believe that our peoples are friends, and at the same time Turkey’s friend is our friend, and Turkey’s enemy is also Pakistan’s,” said Pakistan Prime minister Shahid Khakan Abbasi while addressing a joint press conference with his Turkish counterpart Binali Yıldırım in Istanbul on Friday.

While addressing the presser, the Turkish Prime Minister praised Pakistan’s cooperation in the fight against Gülenist group (FETÖ) following last year’s failed coup.

Addressing the joint press conference, Yıldırım said Turkey welcomed Pakistan’s “cooperation and sensitivity” on battling FETÖ, which Turkey considers a terror group and a threat to Pakistan’s security as well, report Anadolu new agency.

“With your attitude, I am sure that FETÖ’s activities in our country will be ended,” Yıldırım added according to Daily Sabah.

Turkey has established the Maarif Foundation to take over the administration of overseas schools linked to FETÖ.

After the failed coup in July last year, the Turkish government had sought the closure of Pak-Turk International Schools & Colleges for being associated with Fethullah Gulen’s movement called Hizmet and dubbed FETO by the Turkish government.

As many as 32 Pak-Turk schools and colleges were running in Pakistan under Pak-Turk International Schools & Colleges system.

According to media reports, a Turkish couple associated with the school was deported to Turkey this week.

A contempt of court petition against the federal government for deporting the Turkish couple— which had gone ‘missing’ late last month—was accepted by the Lahore High Court on Tuesday.

Yıldırım described ties between the two countries as “excellent,” and said: “We know that Prime Minister Abbasi and his delegation consider Turkey their second home — as we see Pakistan as our second home.”

Yıldırım went on to say that Turkey would continue its active contributions to establish permanent stability in Afghanistan and welcomed Pakistan’s sacrifices to ensure stability and peace in Afghanistan.

“In this framework, we sincerely desire the development of cooperation between Pakistan and Afghanistan, which we consider our brother.”

Abbasi also reiterated his country’s commitment to the fight against terror, saying: “We stand by Turkey to fight terror and end it.”

Abbasi also urged Turkish businessmen to invest in Pakistan.

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