Turkey’s missile defense shield gets a step closer to reality, KORKUT’s serial production begins

BE2C2 Report — Turkey has begun serial production for the Self-Propelled Low Altitude Air Defense Gun System, an armored vehicle project for Turkish ground forces.

Called Korkut, the system is an armored vehicle solution to support the Levant country’s new missile defense system — its ‘Iron Dome’, developed by Aselsan, a Turkish corporation that produces military radios and defense electronic systems.

The joint venture FNSS begins its serial production phase for the Self-Propelled Low Altitude Air Defense Gun System after completing design and pre-production work. Photo courtesy of FNSS

The air-defense gun system is designed to detect, track targets using a 3D search radar, intercept and destroy short-range rockets fired from distances of 4 to 70 kilometers.

FNSS announced the beginning of the production of Korkut as sub-contractor of ASELSAN after marking the completion of earlier design and pre-production phase of the armored vehicle solution, reported UPI.

FNSS, is a Turkish-owned joint venture between BAE Systems and Turkey-based Nurol Holding, which owns 51 percent of the company. The company’s contracts focus on wheeled armored combat vehicles procured by the Turkish military.

Korkut has been in the development process for the last 24 months and “will be deployed to stop IS Katyusha rockets,” Turkish Defense Minister Fikri Isik was quoted as saying by Voice of America.

The armored vehicle can fire 1100 rounds per minute of fragmentation ammunition and will destroy rockets before they hit the ground, Ilker Akgungor, a Defense Journalist told Defense World.

In combat, Korkut is designed to operate alongside other armored platforms such as main battle tanks.

Deliveries are planned for May 2018.

Abdullah Agar a defense expert said, “Turkey, which is speeding up the production process of a defense system, is also developing early warning, counter-mortar radar, and surface-to-air missile systems.”

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