Turkish Pop Singer Hacer Tulu Shot Dead At Aegean Resort Nightclub

JUN 21, 2018: Turkish pop singer Hacer Tulu and a businessman were shot dead at a nightclub in the popular Aegean resort of Bodrum early on Thursday, reports said.

An assailant or assailants opened fire on businessman Mehmet Ali Surensoy, who runs nightclubs in Bodrum and Istanbul, outside the Medusa club in the Gumbet district west of the town center, the Dogan news agency said. The club is popular with Western tourists.

Tulu, 40, who was at the nightclub at the time of the shooting just before dawn, was also shot and killed, it added.

According to local media, the four attackers were detained by police in Manisa province three hours after the attack.

Their motive is unclear.

It was not immediately clear whether she had been deliberately targeted or was caught in the crossfire, with initial reports suggesting she had been accidentally hit.

Reports said that she has been at the club with friends rather than to perform and was shot at the entrance after paying.

Tulu is described as the daughter of immigrants from Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Four people were wounded and four suspects detained three hours later, driving a car in the neighboring province of Manisa. They have been brought to Bodrum for questioning.

The singer had enjoyed some success in recent years, notably with the 2015 ballad “Omur Torpusu” (“Life Draining”) which has notched up over four million views on YouTube.

Bodrum is a popular tourist resort in Turkey.

Bodrum is one of Turkey’s most upmarket resorts, visited by thousands of foreign and domestic tourists every year.

But it has on occasion been hit by gun violence blamed on turf wars linked to the ownership of its profitable entertainment venues.

In July 2017, a Turkish teenager working as a waiter was killed when a gunman opened fire on two beach clubs in Bodrum.

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