Two Rallies, Two Cities: PPP, PTI Kick-Start Campaign for Change as Elections 2018 Nears

April 30, 2018 (DESPARDES/PKONWEB) — As of 9:00PM Pakistan Standard Time, over 50,000 people have assembled at PTI’s Minar-e-Pakistan jalsa in Lahore– capital of Punjab province and stronghold of PML-N, the ruling party in the country’s largest province and in the center.

At almost the same time, close to similar number of people have thronged the PPP’s Liaqatabad jalsa in Karachi– Pakistan province of Sindh’s capital and the country’s economic powerhouse, still a stronghold of MQM, the party which faces existential threats due to external and internal polemics.

The two mega city’s political base is up for grabs–the two parties (PPP and PTI) vying for win in the center think so, and in their best judgment, wooing the urbanists and the millennials in these two provincial capitals could draw the line for victory on national level.

Many disagree though. Politics in the rising sun east of Straits of Hormuz is as rural as the pagdandis and the water-carrying canals through the irregular patchwork quilt of lands that they meander, at times to nowhere or back to where you  started off.

That scenario is however being challenged by the two parties with hopes of disrupting the status quo– digitally the most. Twitter works, seems to be the mantra. Rest will happen!

The art and science of tweeting is threfore being tested by both party’s digital enthusiasts and spin doctors– with the profound assumption that whoever manages to upend the trending hashtags could possibly carry the day– marking the onset of campaigns for Elections 2018–due in a few months,– unless a black swan event hold things up temporarily– chances are slim though, some observers say, while many TV Talk Show speakers and commentators have been predicting it could happen. Why? What? Where? When, etc. etc.

Project Democracy launched a decade back has a 15 to 30 years cycle to make the soft U-turn thought leaders have figured it out. So relax, let the military and the judiciary ensure that, some political pundits say. Others perceive the natural process of political and social engineering inherent in democracy as a bone of contention akin to ‘re-engineering’ also being dubbed ‘Judicial Martial Law’, and if results don’t suit the political pundits, then? Well? Not this time, the nation is moving forward is the general narrative finding traction countrywide– who so ever wins.

And that’s the way it is, as Walter Cronkite would say.


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