U.S. Justice Dept. busts $530 million international cyber fraud ring

The Infraud credit card theft forums had nearly 11,000 members.

The United States Department of Justice, alongside a bevy of international law enforcement groups, put a stop to a $530 million credit card fraud ring known as Infraud, according to indictments unsealed Tuesday.

“In Fraud We Trust”: The Infraud Organization profited from trading stolen credit cards and identities. It was a sizable venture having nearly 11,000 members and employed the motto “In Fraud We Trust.”

Affected businesses were said to have included HSBC bank and PayPal.

36 indicted, 13 arrested: The DOJ is charging 36 people across five continents, with the accused spanning from the U.S., United Kingdom, Australia, Egypt, Pakistan, France and Kosovo. Of the accused members of the Infraud Organization, only 13 have been arrested.

The US authorities said they were now attempting to extradite eight of the suspects being held overseas.

“The criminals involved in such schemes may think they can escape detection by hiding behind their computer screens here and overseas,” said Derek Benner, of Homeland Security Investigations.

“But as this case shows, cyber-space is not a refuge from justice.”

Infraud activities are alleged to have included:

— the sale and purchase of stolen dates of birth, addresses, passwords, social security numbers, payment card details and other personally identifying information
— the ability to advertise other sites that featured automated stores for stolen property
— the sharing and sale of malware
— the provision of forums and chat rooms to discuss illegal activities

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