US Defense Firm Lockheed Awarded $451M Contract for Saudi Patrol Ships

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JUL 18, 2018: Lockheed Martin out of Baltimore, Maryland, has received a $450.7 million modification to an existing contract for production of four Multi-Mission Surface Combatant ships for the the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Work will be performed in Crozet, Va., Iron Mountain, Michigan, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Sweden, Great Britain and other locations across the United States. The contract is expected to be completed by October 2025.

Foreign military sales funding for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the amount of $226 million will be obligated at time of award .

The Multi-Mission Surface Combatant is a highly maneuverable surface warfare ship capable of coastal and operations in the open ocean.

The MMSC is equipped with the COMBATSS-21 Combat Management System. It is based off the AEGIS system used by air defense destroyers around the world.

The vessel integrates the Mk110 57mm deck gun into the system as well, allowing for more accurate fires against incoming targets like aircraft and small boats. It can mount the Mk 41 Vertical Launch System which can mount various surface-to-air and surface-to-surface weapons like the Standard and the Tomahawk.

The Royal Saudi Navy maintains a force of frigates, corvettes, patrol boats and other small craft. It includes thousands of Royal Marines for potential amphibious operations.

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