US: Gulf Countries Specially Saudi Helped Ease India-Pakistan Tensions

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PKONWEB Report (ISLAMABAD) — The United States says it used its allies across the world, particularly those in the Gulf, to help defuse tensions between India and Pakistan, after military skirmishes between the nuclear-armed neighbors last week raised fears of a war.

“We instructed numerous embassies, including in the Gulf, to weigh in on both sides,” a senior administration official told VOA on condition of anonymity.

“I think the Saudis were particularly helpful,” the official added, as Pakistani officials acknowledged the role of Middle Eastern countries in resolving the crisis. Pakistani Information Minister Fawad Hussain Chaudhry told the Saudi-based Arab News that the crown princes of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates played a “commendable” role during the crisis, adding that other Muslim countries had also been a “great help.”

Saudi Arabia and UAE recently announced plans to make huge investment in Pakistan’s economic corridor which will provide the shortest route to China.

Multiple other countries and international organizations, including the United Nations and the European Union, also worked to calm the situation after India and Pakistan appeared to be inching toward a military conflict.

Turkey and Iran offered to mediate between the warring neighbors and the Organization of 57 Islamic Countries (OIC) passed a resolution calling for restraint and de-escalation as well as the need to resolve outstanding issues through peaceful means.

Meanwhile, Pakistan on Monday said it did not use F-16s in shooting down the Indian fighter jet when it crossed the Line of Control. Islamabad also said that this was an act of self-defense.

The clarification came after a spokesperson for the US Embassy in Islamabad told the Reuters news agency on Sunday that the United States was “seeking information” on whether Pakistan used US-built F-16 jets to down the Indian warplane, which may violate the F-16 sale agreements between Washington and Islamabad.

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