USAID launches women empowerment program in South Punjab’s rural economy

The USAID’s Punjab Enabling Environment Project (PEEP) launched an initiative ‘WE inSPIRE’ (Women Empowerment in South Punjab through Investment in Rural Economy) on Tuesday help build the capacity of female livestock farmers to enhance the meat and milk production potential of indigenous livestock breeds.

PEEP is a five-year, $15 million project to improve the business environment in the livestock, dairy, and agriculture sectors of Punjab.

The ‘We inSPIRE’ initiative will empower women involved in the livestock sector of Southern Punjab by creating linkages between public and private sector stakeholders. Through WE inSPIRE, women involved in dairy and livestock businesses will receive financial support from NRSP Microfinance Bank as well as technical support from the livestock breeders associations to acquire and rear high-yielding livestock breeds, says the PR.

USAID Provincial Director Alyson McFarland, UVAS Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr Talat Naseer Pasha, NRSP Microfinance Bank president Zahoor Hussain Khan, and representatives from different livestock breeders associations attended the launch ceremony.

By linking women farmers with micro-finance banks, livestock breeders associations, and the Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Bahawalpur (WCCIB), USAID’s PEEP will create market linkages that ensure the sustainability of efforts.

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