USAID provides mango graders to Pakistani farmers to enhance export

BE2C2 Report — USAID has distributed 13 mango graders worth $750,000 among mango farmers in Pakistan to make the local product more competitive in international market.

The mango graders are part of an initiative to help promote mango exports from the country under US Pakistan Partnership for Agricultural Development Program.

USAID launched the program in 2015 to increase Pakistan’s commercial agriculture and livestock sectors competitiveness in international and national markets.

The program is focused in four product lines including meat, high value and off-seasons vegetables, mangoes and citrus.

The partnership acts as a catalyst for development and investment and promotes cooperation among farmers, processors, exporters and buyers of agricultural products from the country.

The state-of-the-art, custom made, automated mango graders would be utilized for the first time to grade export quality mangoes during the crop season 2017. A special mango gala’ was recently held in capital Islamabad to distribute the graders.

USAID Mission Director Jerry Bisson and Chairman, Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) Dr Yusuf Zafar attended the event and distributed mango graders among farmers.

Addressing the event, USAID Mission Director said the US government through USAID was determined to increase access to new markets for Pakistani mango farmers.

The Pakistan Fruit and Vegetable Exporters, Importers and Merchants Association (PFVA) has set an export target of 100,000 tons worth an estimate of $75 million for the current season (May to August).

To enhance its export, Pakistan recent;y held mango festival in Paris and Morocco with more such promotional events in the offing.

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