Was the 2018 Pakistan Election Rigged?

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ABEEHA FAROOQI: I worked as a Presiding officer in a polling station this elections.

When I was on training, I heard a lot of stories about rigging and attacks on polling stations etcetera. These stories made me literally frightened.

The Tehsil where I was appointed is ruled by a feudal Lord who spends a lot of money and power to ensure his seat. I have heard a lot of stories about all of his heinous crimes in this regard.

When my father heard about it, he became worried. He asked my maternal uncle to take me there and stay beside me.

Two days before elections, I was called to Returning officer’s office who was judge to install RTS which is a software to transmit results to election commission of Pakistan directly.

One day before elections, I went again to RO’s office and collected things related elections. 4 soldiers escorted me to polling station. I reached polling station and called my assistants and polling officers. They reached there. We spent our night at station.

Early morning, we woke up and organized everything. Army soldiers helped us in it.

At strict 8′O clock I started voting process. There was media. There were international organization Fafen workers. There were police cops. All of them were watching the election process closely.

Army soldiers were inside and outside of the polling station and they were giving us and election process complete protection.

Everything ran so smoothly. Nothing bad happened. AlhumduLillah everything was completely fair and square.

Do remember I was in an area in which candidate used to manipulate elections by all means. But everything went fair and square.

Which means that almost all over Pakistan elections were held honestly and weren’t rigged at all. AlhumduLillah.

(The post also appeared in Quora Digest).

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