We’ll invest in people first then develop infrastructure: Imran Khan

Imran Khan underscored that education, health and agriculture sectors would be the top priorities of the PTI government, if elected to power

In a move meant to mobilize his party the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)– as the country edges towards elections, its cricketer-turned-politician Chief Imran Khan declared at a public rally in Layyah that his party will focus on nation-building first then move to developing infrastructure.

Khan’s narrative of developing human resources first, according to some observers, appear to counter former Prime minister Nawaz Sharif’s overture made at a rally he addressed in Balochistan capital Quetta recently where he announced to build a metro transport system similar to ones built in Punjab by his younger brother-led government.

“We will invest in people first and then move to developing infrastructure after coming to power as a result of landslide victory in the general elections in 2018,” PTI Supremo asserted and lashed out at Punjab government for “what he called” wasting public money on useless projects instead of education and health.

Khan cited the examples of Japan and Germany who had focused on education and achieved unprecedented progress, stating that education should be the priority and huge investment must be made in education as it is the only key to progress of the nation and bettering lives of the masses. He highlighted that Malaysians learnt their socio-economic growth strategy from Pakistan and then left us behind.

“Foreign countries copied our strategies, sought guidance and made great strides in all spheres of life but alas, Pakistan slid into quagmire of multifarious crises due to ineligible and corrupt rulers,” the PTI chief said.

Khan expressed his optimism that under the PTI government in the center after general elections 2018, Pakistan will regain its dignity and respect, lost due to the worst corruption, plundering and nepotism by the successive rulers.

“Let the PTI come to power, green passport would be respected more than developed countries in the world,” he pledged, adding that Pakistan would be preferred by nationals of other countries for employment and getting higher education.

During his speech, Imran underlined that the nations who do not learn from their mistakes, neither succeed, nor get respect in the comity of nations.

Imran Khan demanded early elections to save the country from further chaos and destruction. “There seems no governance and the economy is in worst condition while the rulers are busy advocating the innocence of a man disqualified by the apex court,” the PTI chief pointed out.

He regretted that public resources are being devoured on the protocol of a corrupt and ineligible person.

The PTI chief said that agriculture is the backbone of the national economy but the rulers have destroyed the sector through imprudent policies. “The PTI government focus agriculture development and change the lives of growers and farmers for better after coming to power,” he vowed.

Imran Khan underscored that education, health and agriculture sectors would be the top priorities of the PTI government, adding that these sectors would be developed on modern lines after coming to power.

He termed Islamic laws and teachings universal, saying Islam guarantee equal rights to all persons of society. “Insha Allah, we will adopt and seek guidance from Islam for building a great nation after coming to power,” he declared.

A large number of PTI workers, especially women and citizens attended the Jalsa, report local media.

Talking to The Nation , some PTI workers said the public meeting is a historic show in South Punjab, claiming that almost 80,000 peoples attended the meeting.

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