Well-known British editor in Dubai arrested for wife’s murder

DUBAI: The wife of Editor-at-Large of Gulf News, Francis Matthew, has been found dead in their home in Jumeirah.

Dubai police have arrested Francis Matthew for allegedly murdering his wife, 60. Matthew called the ambulance because of injuries she suffered.

After investigations, Matthew confessed to the CID and police that he had struck her with a sharp object because he was furious after a dispute. He allegedly had no intention of killing her and even tried to revive her when he realized that she was not moving.

Francis Matthew was editor of the Gulf News from 1995-2005 and the couple were active members of the British expatriate community.

Al-Bilad spoke to their close friends and all were too shocked to speak.

Khaled Almaeena, managing partner at Quartz Communication and former editor-in-chief of Arab News, said: “Francis was a very intellectual man and I could talk with him for hours on any topic. I am very shocked at what happened and my sympathies are with both families.”

Abdul Hamid Ahmad, editor-in-chief of Gulf News and executive director of publications, said: “We share the family’s grief and pray to the Almighty to give them the strength and patience to overcome this very difficult situation.”

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