What do speakers say about Digital Youth Summit held in Peshawar, KP

Entrepreneurs and technologists from Pakistan and around the world converged last week at the Digital Youth Summit (DYS) in Peshawar — capital city of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, to share their knowledge, inspire local talent, and bring digital investments.

Foreign delegates reflect on their experience, and the bright minds of the youth in KP. Watch video:

Over four days, 4,000 attendees, some as young as age 10, interacted with industry leaders, engaged in technology demonstrations, and benefited from hands-on training. Everyone learnt a lot about digital entrepreneurship and was inspired by many cutting-edge innovations.

Here are some of them that struck a high note with many visitors:

Travel Startups that would make you want to travel across Pakistan. Two of the winners of DYS’s Startup Cup in which budding companies presented their products and services to prospective investors were noteworthy. Watch these two videos made by travel platform Find My Adventure and home-sharing company Qayyam and tell us if they also inspire you to travel across Pakistan!

Experience the North like never before: Qayaam video

And then this one…

A 14-year-old talk show host? Sabawoon Nangrahary was the youngest winner of the Digital Freelancing Award through his talk show and interview series in which he earns income and has helped generate more than 66,000 fans on his Facebook page. At DYS, he interviewed international speaker Sam Bretzfield. Watch their interview.

Sabawoon’s Show Video:

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