Worlds’ first certified commercial flying car hits the market


BE2C2 Report — The world’s first-commercial flying car has hit the market with Dutch company PAL-V already taking preorders — at a base price of $400,000.

Called the Liberty, it looks like a three-wheeled car when it’s on the road and a helicopter when it’s in the air.

PAL-V says it’s initially constructing only 90 models, which it calls “the first certified commercial flying car ever.”

The three-wheeled ‘car’ has a retractable top-mounted rotor, making it more like a motor trike with gyrocopter skills than a car, per se, reports Tech Crunch.

While airborne, it has a top speed of 112mph, but mileage drops considerably – you’ll have to refuel every 310 miles while flying with the PAL-V, but that’s still enough for jumping airfield to airfield between a lot of cities and towns.

Pricing starts at $400,000 for the base model, which can rise to as high as $600,000 with all the extra features.

According to the manufacturer, you can put down a $2,500 refundable escrow deposit and save up until its launch at the end of 2018.

The company has been doing concept testing since at least 2009, and it also founded the first North American flying car school in the U.S. in Utah last year.


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