World’s heaviest women from Egypt weighing 500kg, has shed 50kg in 6 days in Mumbai hospital

MUMBAI – Remember the 500 kilograms weighing worlds heaviest Egyptian woman, who had not ventured out of her Alexandria apartment in Egypt for 25 years, was airlifted by a Egypt Air freighter Airbus aircraft which was modified to carry her to Mumbai’s Saifee hospital, has something to cheer and show to the world. She had shed more than 50 kilograms in 14 days, and the good news is that the Indian doctors have been able to make her lift herself up.

The doctors at the hospital were leaping with joy when the 37-year old Eman Ahmed, they claimed an now pick herself up. In the age of technology language is no barrier, as the doctors treating Eman Ahmad are using Google translator to communicate with her in Arabic.

Bariatric surgeon Dr Muffazal Lakdawala, under whom Eman is being treated, Eman’s younger sister Shaimaa, along with Pinky and Sunaina Roshan, who visited Eman at Saifee hospital on Tuesday afternoon. (Photo courtesy: Save Eman Cause)​

The team of doctors attending to her told Indian Express “We want her to be able to do mass movement. First it was lifting her hand, followed by her arms. Then was the act of gripping and then by holding something or someone to pull herself up. She can now pull herself up with something that is anchored,” said Dr Swati Sanghvi, head of the advanced physiotherapy and sports rehabilitation department at Saifee Hospital.

“In less thean two weeks, since Eman Ahmad was admitted on February 11, she has lost50 kg, more than half her excess fluid collection, which is atleast 70 to 100 kg of her total weight. She is improving by “leaps and bounds” the doctors at the hospital said.

The paper report stated “Eman has been admitted to Saifee Hospital, and is being treated for sleep apnea, hypothyroid, diabetes, hypertension, kidney problems, fluid retention and most importantly obesity. With her first surgery less than two weeks away, doctors said that the main target is to shrink the size of 37-year-old Egyptian national to be able to take her to the operation theatre. Eman is currently 151 cm wide, while, the width of the elevator is 141 cm.

A dietician of the hospital said “Eman has been put on a high protein and fibre diet to systematically reduce her weight. Doctors aim to bring down Eman’s weight by 200 kg in 2017. She weighed around 500 kg at the time of her admission. Doctors said that Eman is on a strict 1,200-calorie per day diet routine, where she wakes up at 7.30 am and is fed every two hours.

Unlike earlier, where she could barely sleep for 3 hours, Eman even has an eight hour sleep cycle now. She is undergoing two sessions of physiotherapy every day. “Initially we did 30-45 minutes of physiotherapy with her. Most of them were passive exercises than active ones, since the functioning of lungs is low. Gradually, we have increased the time period and now we can do a session for even 90 minutes,” Dr Sanghvi added.
Though, Eman is already undergoing speech therapy doctors are using various translate mobile apps mainly Google Translate to communicate with Eman.

“She only speaks in Arabic and at times in a manner that only her younger sister can decipher. We use Google Translate as it translate our English instructions to Arabic for Eman to listen and follow. This method has worked well for her. She lets us know what gives her pain, by this technique,” a senior doctor said.

A fund raising campaign has been launched named “Save Eman Cause” to accumulate funds for her treatment. A sum of Indian Rupees 2 million out of a discounted amount of Rupees 5 million is collected and has to be completed with 52 remaining days. But what people like is the smiling face of Eman Ahmad, her family members and doctors, an a hope to recover with the blessings of the late Bohra spiritual leader Syedna Burhanuddin Saheb whose two pictures are fixed behind Eman’s bed.

(Sheena Ali, Al Bilad)

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