Xi’s Thoughts And Travels App Downloaded 44 Million Times–Since January

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Study Xi became the top app in Apple’s China app store last month.

PKONWEB Report (Islamabad) — An app that puts China’s powerful President Xi Jinping in anyone’s pockets has become a hit in the country.

Millions have downloaded the app, which tracks the amount of time users spend browsing inspirational quotes from the Chinese leader and watching short videos of his speeches and travels.

People are rewarded with points for sharing articles or answering quizzes on Communist heroes, and one day they may be able to redeem their scores for gifts such as pastries and tablets.

The app’s name is Xuexi Qiangguo, or “Study to Make China Strong”. The Chinese word for studying, xuexi, can also be read as “study Xi”.

It has been downloaded nearly 44 million times on Apple and Android devices since its launch in January, according to Beijing-based statistics provider Qimai Technology and became the top app in Apple’s China app store last month.

Last May, Chinese authorities launched another free app called Learn about China, featuring Mr Xi’s first book along with academic papers analyzing his views.

The new app gives users access to thousands of books, magazines, newspapers, university publications and TV serials and movies.

Users must register with their mobile phone number and name their employer.

Dozens of provincial and county governments across the country have held workshops to promote the app in recent weeks, local media reports showed.

Beijing’s municipal propaganda department chief Du Feijin told a workshop last week that the app was a “powerful starting point for implementing the spirit of the important instructions of General Secretary Xi”, state-run newspaper Beijing News reported.

Even China’s e-commerce giant Alibaba, whose founder Jack Ma is a Communist Party member, is making a contribution: job ads on the company’s website shows it has been hiring software developers to work on the app.

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