Young Pakistani engineer receives ‘Engineer of the Year’ award in UK

A young Pakistani engineer in UK has received “Engineer of the Year” award for his outstanding work in the energy sector, outperforming fellow professionals from across the European continent.

Hamza Haroon, 27, received the award after being nominated in the three final shortlisted candidates from across the UK, for the ‘Engineer of the Year’ awards category.

The Energy UK Young Energy Professionals Awards recognizes young engineering talent from across the UK every year at the annual event and brings together some of the brightest and best talents of the UK Energy industry to recognize individuals who have performed exceptionally well in their field of expertise.

Speaking to Geo, a Pakistani media outlet, Hamza said he was “honored and humbled to have received this award and being the only Pakistani to have done so makes it even more special”. Haroon said he was given the award due to his “contribution to some significant company projects, along with my role as a STEM Ambassador (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)”.

He is currently working as a Lead Control & Instrumentation Engineer for Gas Turbine Control Systems at two Nuclear Power Stations. He is also active as a STEM Ambassador and mentor to students and engineering graduates.

Haroon, who lives and works in a London suburb, said: “I would like to thank my parents who have been such an inspiration and my wife who has been a pillar of support and strength. I owe everything to them. I would urge students and aspiring engineers in Pakistan to have self-belief in what they do and strive to realise their full potential. This award is a testimony to the bright talent that Pakistan possesses.”

Haroon came to the UK in 2008 after completing his GCSEs and A levels from Lahore Grammar School. He studied at the University of Surrey and was awarded a 1st Class Honors in Electronic Engineering in 2012. He joined his current employer, a leading energy company which employs thousands of people across Europe, immediately after his graduation.

Haroon’s parents Muhammad Haroon Siddiqui and Tamseela Haroon flew in from Lahore especially for the event. They said Pakistani students are highly talented and responsible and given the opportunity they can prove their talent.

“The award will go on to establish the impression that Pakistanis are hard-working and well-meaning people who want to make a positive contribution in their lives as well to others,” they added.

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