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WhatsApp ‘Horrified’ Over Spate Of Lynchings In India, Promises Action

JUL 4, 2018: WhatsApp said on Wednesday it was “horrified” by a spate of lynchings in India sparked by false rumors shared on its platform as the government accused the messaging service of irresponsibility. The killings are linked to “irresponsible and explosive messages” on the platform, said the ministry of electronics. More than 20 people have been killed in mostly rural areas of India in the last two months, according to media reports, after rumors were spread on smartphones about child kidnappers, thieves and sexual predators. At least 16 mobRead More

Can India and Bhutan’s Success With ‘Plastic Roads’ Be Emulated By Pakistan?

IRSHAD SALIM (JUN 30, 2018): More than 34,000km of plastic roads have been built in India, mostly in rural areas, according to World Economic Forum report. A new report, however, states that the actual length of such roads using the innovative, home-grown technique runs for more than 100,000km as of October. The new road building technique for the 21st century has proved to be a durable solution, winning support among scientists and policymakers as well as neighboring countries like Bhutan. According to WEF, more than half of the roads inRead More

VHP, Bajrang Dal Are Militant Religious Outfits, Hurriyat Separatist Group: CIA

JUN 15, 2018: India’s Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and the Bajrang Dal have been classified as ‘militant religious organization’ in the CIA’s World Factbook. The two organizations have been put in the category of ‘Political pressure groups’ in the annual document of the American intelligence agency. CIA has put some other organizations under the same category but they have not been described as ‘militant religious organization’. While All Parties Hurriyat Conference in the Indian-administered Kashmir Valley has been described as ‘separatist group’, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh or RSS has been categorizedRead More

India to Buy Some Israeli Anti-Tank ‘Spike’ Missiles Until It Makes Them Locally

Jun 2, 2018 (DESPARDES/PKONWEB) — India is reportedly set to buy a batch of anti-tank guided missiles from Israel in a bid to boost its military capabilities against Pakistan and China and preparedness for a potential two-front war with its western and northern neighbors. Indian government is likely to soon finalize with Israel purchase of a batch of Spike anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs), which would significantly enhance its anti-tank capability against its two neighbors Islamabad and Beijing, according to news reported in Times of India. The report quoted an unnamedRead More

Video Showing Brave Sikh Police Officer Protecting Muslim Boy From Hindu Mob Goes Viral

May 25, 2018 (DESPARDES) — Video showing rare act of valor by a Sikh police officer shielding a Muslim man from being violently attacked by an angry mob in the Indian state of Uttarakhand has gone viral. The viral video posted on Facebook said, “Hats off to Gagandeep, he saved an innocent Muslim from the midst of wild goons in the hundreds of hundreds.” The incident took place on May 22 in Ramnagar, the local media reported. The mob, comprising extremist Hindus, wanted to lynch the boy, who was allegedlyRead More

US “Ditches” Pakistan When It’s Politically Convenient: Musharraf

May 24, 2018 (DESPARDES/PKONWEB) — VOA Contributor Greta Van Susteren recently interviewed former President Gen. Pervez Musharraf, who said Pakistan has been a “most loyal ally” of the United States, but the US “ditches” Pakistan when it’s politically convenient and favors Pakistan’s enemy, India. The former military ruler also said the US has to balance out its role in the Gulf vis-a-vis Iran when asked to comment on Trump withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal, while maintaining that he absolutely stands for non-proliferation. “Pakistan has all along been balancing itsRead More

Pakistan-India Water Dispute: World Bank Seeks Amicable Solution

May 24, 2018 (DESPARDES/PKONWEB) — The World Bank is holding talks with a Pakistani delegation in the US capital for an amicable resolution of its water dispute with India by seeking opportunities and alternative approaches within the Indus Water Treaty framework. A four-member Pakistani delegation, headed by Attorney General Ashtar Ausaf Ali, arrived in Washington on Sunday, a day after Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated a 330MW dam in India-held Kashmir, which Pakistan fears will reduce its share in the waters of the Indus and its tributaries. The riverRead More

Can The Neo-Dalit Movement Eradicate Emerging Fascism In India?

The vast poor majority remains oppressed to the emerging fascist forces. They are brutalized by the caste system, the ‘culture of impunity’ and the hydra-headed tortures. I show how the Neo-Dalit Movement needs to emerge and eradicate the age-old problem, following the Mandela model. LENIN RAGHUVANSHI – India is one of the world’s oldest living civilizations with a vibrant culture and diversity of its people and languages. Paradoxically, this enormous diversity also hides a dark and sinister side in the shadows of its culture, the caste system. Embedded in theRead More

Muslim Man Beaten to Death By Mob In India For “Killing a Cow”

In the past seven years, 86 per cent of 28 Indians who were killed in such cow-related violence were Muslims, and almost 97 per cent of these attacks have taken course after May 2014 when Modi’s BJP party came into power. May 22, 2018 (DESPARDES) — A Muslim man accused of killing a cow was beaten to death by a mob in central India, police said on Sunday, the latest vigilante murder over the animal considered sacred by Hindus. Siraj Khan, a 45-year-old tailor, was attacked in the Satna districtRead More

Aramco, India $44 Billion Refinery Project Hits Snag Due To Land Acquisition Woes

Thousands Of Farmers Are Challenging India’s $44 Billion Refinery Project With Saudi Aramco May 20, 2018 (BE2C2) — Saudi Aramco last month signed an initial deal with a consortium of Indian refiners to build a $44 billion refinery and petrochemical complex on India’s west coast, as the kingdom moves to secure buyers for its crude in a market awash with oil. The project —  spread over 15,000 acres of land — includes a 1.2-million-barrels-per-day (bpd) refinery integrated with petrochemical facilities with a total capacity of 18 million tons per yearRead More

A ‘Muslim Bogey’ to Unite Hindus in India

By AIJAZ ZAKA SYED: COMMENTING on Hindutva’s ambitious project to “unite all Hindus”, Aakar Patel, former editor and current executive director of Amnesty International, offers an interesting argument. While it shouldn’t take much effort and imagination to unify an 85 percent strong majority, Hindus are not a monolithic community. Far from it. While Hindutva insists on bringing everyone under the overarching canopy of Hinduism, communities like the Sikhs, Jains and now even Lingayats bristle at being branded as Hindus. Much like Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism came into existence as reformRead More

India's Top Court Upholds Passive Euthanasia With Guidelines

India’s Supreme Court ruled on Friday that individuals had a right to die with dignity, allowing passive euthanasia with guidelines in a landmark verdict.