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Bolta Pakistan on AAJ TV Jun 3 2009 | PK On Web

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Bolta Pakistan on AAJ TV - Jun 3

Bolta Pakistan duo discusses Balochistan crisis which is brimming to the hilt. Mushahid Hussain Syed, Tahir Bizenjo NP and Anyat Ullah participate..

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  • Aman Khan says:

    Dear Nusrat and Mustaq Bhai:

    I would like to bring to People of Pakistan notice that Pakistan Nuclear Scientist have really made the nuclear bomb, than they should accept this
    TASk to make at least one small ( say 100 MW) Nuclear Power Plant using indegenious technology so that we can overcome the energy shortage.

  • M Aslam says:

    Hello Minhaj and Nusrat
    I hope that you will be ok and you are fighting in right way to highlight the mistakes of the government Please focus the point that luxury and kingston expenditures of Bureocracy and Government political officials. They should to look on that poeple from where they go for begging help in Dollars and Pounds because they travel simple minimum quantity of peoples and they have refunded funds on claims of Government that they had used more than sanciened amounts.

    And one thing a want to mention here that In Aaj News a very hot news was going that in Swat operation Pakistan Army captured the Indian Made arm and ammunitions and also Army officer were claiming that they have got the evidence and meterial about involment of Indian foriegon offices in Afghanistan but it was only on Aaj Tv and Not any Govenment personality condmened this why?

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