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Columnist Nazeer Naji Abuses Journalist

Columnist Nazeer Naji Abuses Journalist

By PKonweb Team

APR 19 - An investigative journalist Ahmed Noorani who is doing a story on allotment of plots by the federal government to some renowned journalists and columnists was abused over the phone by one of the columnists - Mr. Nazeer Naji aka Nazir Naji.

Noorani reportedly called up Naji for the first time on Friday April 17th to obtain latter’s version of the news. Later, the columnist called the journalist up twice in this regard and the renowned columnist Naji abused and threatened the investigating scribe in words which Noorani says he has never heard in his life.

Below are the three audio recordings - Audio clips 1, 2 and 3

In the first call, Noorani asks Mr Naji, his views on the allotment of an Islamabad plot to him despite the fact that he was already alloted one in Lahore.

The 2nd and 3rd audio clips record Mr Nazir Naji’s phone calls to Noorani and his threatening talk laden with abusive language, name calling and slurs while Noorani is heard maintaining his cool and queries with utmost respect and professioinalism. The columnist is aware that his conversations are being recorded, as he says on the record.

According to Naji, columnists Mujeebur Rehman Shami and Zia Shahid - both from Lahore - have also received such plots and he questions the investigating journalist Noorani as to why he was not investigating them also.

According to news reports, Ansar Abbasi - the investigative editor of The News - who was also alloted a similar plot by the federal government has refused to accept the free plot with a ‘No Thanks’ article in his paper, saying it conflicted with his line of duty and has asked the government to stop such practice.

Adio Clip 1

Audio Clip 2

Audio Clip 3

Links to Ansar Abbasi related news story:

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38 Responses to “Columnist Nazeer Naji Abuses Journalist”

  1. raja poras says:

    this is a very lightest side of NAJI - to know about him ask any lahori journalist when he was an editor of lahori weekly SHAHAB. How he jumped from a sarrak chap to this level. You can expact this type of language from this person.

  2. Rajput says:

    I thought Nazir Naji was a serious journalist. Now he has exposed his true face. There is no doubt its his voice. He reflects the filthy minds of so called elite of Pakistan. Ahmad Noorani and Ansar Abbasi must keep the brave task up. Naji is such a bastard. Sharam tujh ko magar nahin aati. Why does Jang prints his columns and calls him on GEO TV. Now our Media is showing the true picture of these fake elites. They all got to be eliminated.

  3. Abrar Ali Qureshi says:

    I am not sure about audio No.2 and 3 is Nazir Naji voice if this is ture that it should not be publised in media or internet by Ansar Abbasi and Company. Allah is better know about these journalists which they given services for poor peoples of Pakistan or ?????

  4. A Visitor says:

    Hahha .. Nice job Insar Abbasi u succeed in humiliating Nazir Naji. :)
    I recognize ur voice and style of talking. u r the one who is asking questions to Nazir Naji.

    You both r getting personal.
    I have seen ur fight with Nazir in capital talk.

    There are more important issues which u journalists should concern rather than getting personal and this plot allotment.

  5. USMAN JANJUA, Islamabad says:

    Extremely Bad NAZIR NAJI. The language used by you is not comensurate with your age. What your son / daughter will have impression to listen this recording. Keep all nation aside, just think about your grandson and daughter. Had it would done by me I would have suicide.

  6. Malick Mohammad says:

    Assalamu Alaikum
    I am glad that people are getting to know abot how bad Nazeer Naji is. His is one of the biggest liar in Pakistan. He always cheanges his statements depending on the politics, political parties and governement. When Ahmadis and Qadianis were officially called non-Muslims he said he was the first person to ask government to declare them non-muslims and now he’s started supporting Ahmadis and Qadinianis.

  7. Syed Fahd Tirmizi says:

    As I stare at my keyboard, trying to find adequate words to express my views on what I just heard… my mind goes wandering thinking about all those programs Ive seen in which Naji used to express hi deep concern on where Pakistan is headed, and how this country has been taken over by unprofessional and illiterate people. This was a complete shocker for me… all the respect i had for this guy just went flushing down the drain. I was amazed to see Mr. Noorani keeping his cool, atleast this recording perfectly differentiates between a sane, educated person and an illiterate bastard from the slums. And iam sure that’s what Nazir Naji is… an illiterate bastard!

  8. Masood Ahmad says:

    It is so sad to hear this Nazir Naji who claims to have 50 years experience. I am Punjabi and never heard someone of this age speaking like this, cursing like a drunken driver in a bus stand. It is such a shame that Nazir Naji is still able to pubish. This guy only deserves to stay in the Gutter and is the prime reason why this country is in a pool of crap. Full marks to Mr. Noorani. This country needs people like him, brave, well prepared and cool. Just incredible piece of work. Keep up the good work

  9. Syed Bashir Ahmed says:

    Why blame Mr Nazir naji, this seems to be the norms of our elite, be it elected representatives, people in high position, abusive language used by police official in the police station, abusing faculty at colleges etc. If journalists are given prime land there is no harm as they dont hold any public office. If you want to make a mountain out of a mole hill, then who is responsible for the sugar crises in the country, hoarders and sugar mill owners are left scot free after being raided by the authorities. Carry on abusing Mr Naji

  10. SAMI ALI KHAN says:

    Assalam O Alikum..!!!

    I listened the conversation from A To Z.
    WHAT A senior columnist has uttered is enough to know about his chracter,professional approach,his vested interests,his aim of writing,his balck thoughts.AT the same time i will appreciate Janab Ahmed Noorani,the way he behaved,the tolerance he showed,the professional attitude he adopte.

    Well done Noorani,u exposed a balack chracter publically.
    Stick to it.Carry on JIHAD E BIL QALAM.

    saMi ali khan


  11. Gul Hameed says:

    Heard Nazir Naji’s conversation with Mr Noorani but wasn’t shocked because black sheep journalists like Naji will survive as long as we have majority of political leaders which are corrupt and sad to say destined to rule our dear country. A good number of journalists and politicians firmly believe in the principle “you scratch my back and I shall scratch yours.” I wish we could ever had a prime minister or a president well educated, from a middle class enlightened family and had led a life like Hazrat Umar, and Khalifa Abdul Aziz about whom I read elsewhere would put his lamp out when someone from among his friends would come to see him for some business which wasn’t a state business in nature. If there isn’t any legal hurdle, I would suggest some daring one to place a petition before Chief Justice Khawaja Sharif of Lahore High Court or Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry to impound Naji’s plots in Lahore and Islamabad
    and given in small pieces to the poor of very good character. Naji has put his community of journalists into disgrace although there are very honest journalists like Safdar Mahmood and Ata-ul-Haq Qasmi and perhaps many more I cannot recall to my memory at this hour.
    Gul Hameed
    North Lincolnshire
    United Kingdom

    I wonder sometime how Pakistan is surviving in the presence of corrupt journalists, fraudulent politicians and dishonest society comprising dishonest people both rich and poor.

    Practically speaking Pakistan is a failed State and it is because a large majority of people whether they are rich or poor are not faithful to Pakistan.

  12. Ali Rizvi says:

    What a shame and disgrace. Look what this guy (Nazir Naji) has learnt from his 50 years of so-called journalist life & career, listen to his words and determine his caliber. They are all hypocrites,money makers and blackmailers.

  13. oh my God !!

    i read his columns, i was expecting him a very gentle, well educated and humble person. when i listen this pone calls, i was unable to believe.

    message to all journalists :people think, journalists are responsible person. please don’t shatter their image.

  14. Nazir Naji is a barking dog not a journalist.

  15. Raja101 says:

    Nazir Naji An MQM kutta .let him bark

  16. Jamal says:

    i never knew that the person like Nazir Naji who looks very concerned pakistani can go on this drain level. why this kind of people come on TV and give the speaches to others and on the other hand eat “Haraam” and feed their faimlies “Haraam”. This is so sad because people like Nazir Naji, thinks that getting or looting from governament is their right, and there is no tomarow for them.
    we should forward this link to everyone and expose Nazir Naji to as many people as we can so people of pakistan can recognize his real nasty face.

  17. Waseem Khokhar says:

    The plot scandal is just a reflection; actually Ansar Abbasi is trying to expose the so called Pakistani elites, and Pakistan Brains, (In reality they are Brain Tumors)

    Today another columnist rightly pointed out the fact about the relationship between Darbari journalist and our Kings


  18. soccer says:

    Nazir naji is a prime example of lota journalism

  19. Engr. G.A. Malik says:

    A postive thinking and thoughtful reaction is the need of the day-At least we should be happy with the idea that someone’s true face has been exposed and we should try not to imitate him / her. After going through all the learned friends comments on the incident, I came to one conclusion that Oridinary minds cannot produce extraordinary thoughts-Nazir Naji is just an ordinary man, with oridinary thoughts, with oridinary background, but definitely with EXTRAORDINARY luck-which brought him fame and honour that he enjoyed, but could not live upto the expectations as is clear by his filthy conversation. If he has proved below the morality standards, it does not mean that others are proven above board-we are answerable for our deeds. All of us must remember the saying of Wasif Ali Wasif, who rightly said “KISSI DOOSARY KEY KHAMI AAP KEY KHOOBI NAHIN BAN SAKTI”

  20. Dr.Nooruddin Abro. says:

    After going through your conversation with Nazir naji the so Called journalist I feel a lot of regrets for persons’ who think that by abusing any one they are going to do the best servises to humanity and poor people of the country, Shame on Naji twice daily because of his abusing language, but you also have not done good too, because when one is abusing you, you must try to cut the line, and say him thanks’ for calling within few initial minutes’ of conversation, In this conversation I feel that you are going to answering him yes Sir, Yes Sir, which in my view is not correct way,to listen abusing language for a long time,
    Now One thing I also want to know from you that is it correct that Mr.Ansar Abbasi is living in a house of Four Crore Rupees’ if the Answer is Yes then kindly tell me the source of Income From which amount he has purchased that Residence in a posh area, and tell me the source of Mr. Kamran Khan ,Whose son is going to School in a Mercedes’ Benz In my view a a most costly vain, when all famous journalist own that a huge amount and live their life luxiriously than creation of doubts’ in peoples’ minds’ is but natural. I think all the journalist comunity is most prestigious comunity and Rich Comunity in Pakisatn after ruling elite ,kindly try to write on the luxirous life of all rich journalists of your comunity.
    this all does not mean that using abusive and third class language is the Right thing, Nazir Naji must be condemened for his vocal abuse of a journalist, I think he will using the same language in his home also,because the style in which he was abusing was looking that he is used to this language and repeatedly saying that he is the most senior does not pardon him that he have a licence to abuse all and then come on different T.V.channels’ with other face by delivering social lessons’ and other things’ , SHAME ON NAJI SHAME ON NAJI.

  21. Arif Khan Afridi says:

    Dear Nazi Naji, eventhough I never had any respect fro you but after this incident you lost every kind of. The way you were talking, showed the actual face of a blackmailer. People, lke you are the reason of downfall of our country. Yes you said right you are doing this work last 50 years, it take that much time to bring our country on this stage. You always try to make happy everyone in the government, I am surprised how come you didn’t get plot long time ago. Whatever you say about Ansar bhai, just want to say, people like him are our pride and reason we can raise our head out side the Pakistan. I asked them to dragg your ass in the court if they did’t, in my next visit to Pakistan I’ll do my best. I knw I can’t talk like you because I am from good family and have little educaton, and thats make difference between you and me. I am writting my whole address and contact info, if you think you are that powerful do something, otherwise you are just a looser, shame on you.

    Arif Khan Afridi,
    Longview, TX, USA

  22. Arif Khan Afridi says:

    Dear Ahmed I called next day and say sorry to Ansar bhai I didn’t have your number or e mail address otherwise I could have caled you. Being a journalism student I strongly feel that you and your department should have to take Naji to the court we’ll have to clean these kind of black sheeps from our society. Don’t get upset and keep doing good work under great person like Ansar Abbasi. Please do send me your e mail address or phone number I would love to talk you.

    Arif Khan Afridi,

    [email protected]

  23. Payday Loan says:

    I found lots of interesting information on pkonweb.com. The post was professionally written and I feel like the author has extensive knowledge in the subject. pkonweb.com keep it that way.

  24. Farooq says:

    Nazir Naji throws naked abuses to Ahmed Noorani. Hundreds of comments have appeared on different sites. 99% of them have condemned the words used by Nazir Naji. Most of them have shown no surprise on it. Only 1% have indulged in technical things like recording conversation is illegal etc. However by search engine for more comments I found the best comments at a site called http://mylittle-pakistan.blogspot.com/ It not only made comments on Nazir Naji but it told a story about Mujeeb Shami, reading of which gives indication it is a true one. Most of our senior column writers or anchor persons thought talk like poor men but they are from the richest families.

  25. Ahsan says:

    One only wishes Taliban to take away Naji, melt his fat, and stuff his vituperous mouth with bank notes. Naji sucked every politician. He had his useless sons employed in money making departments such as police and revenues.

  26. sana says:

    Union of juranalist should take action . Shame Mr Naji…..real face

  27. riaz syed says:

    shame on najee. Allah hafiz to Pakistan. We are workinkg 18 hours a day and sending every thing to Pakistan, but people like Najee enjoying, doob maro on your old age exp…

  28. Admin says:

    Here is the link to Ansar Abbasi’s article surrendering the plot he was alloted by the govt—->


  29. Imtiaz says:

    I would really appriciate if you can give a hyperlink to Ansar Abbasi Letter. Thanks in advance

  30. Iqbal Ch. says:

    And after seeing your this face today, I have stopped reading Jang paper. Jis akhbar mein tum jaisa ganda aadmi ho, us ka parhna jurm hona chahiyeh

  31. Iqbal Ch. says:

    Shame on you Nazir Naji. You behaved like a Firaon. You have a dirty mind. You are a saleable commodity. You blackmail the governments and extract benefits. Tum har ruler ki T.C. kartay ho aur benefit uthatay ho. Haramzaday tum apney graiban mein zara moonh dalo aur dekho apni asliat.

  32. Shah Jee says:

    Shame on Nazeer is right. Low class person.

  33. yaseen ch says:

    shame on you nazeer naji.buddha khoosat mar jaye ga plot k liye.

  34. afaq awais says:

    itni lanat hay tum pey…doob marney ka muqam hay tumharay liye…itna hi bohut hay tumharey liyeh..

  35. dr rizwan, usa says:

    shame on this journalist,
    aaj kay daur kay fironon…

  36. Munawar Nadeem says:

    Doob maro…….agar sharam hai toh….laikin woh nahi ho gi….phir apna munhoos chahra baysharmon ki tarha TV pay lay kar aa jao gay…

  37. dr rizwan, usa says:

    nazir naji,

    sharam karo, aur doob maro, apnay betay key saath..

  38. dr rizwan says:

    very sad


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