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Zardari’s T.G.I.F. in Manhattan

Zardari’s T.G.I.F. in Manhattan

By Irshad Salim

If I were Zardari, I would probably do the same.

First “singled out” by Bhutto-haters, then made to overwork by friends and supporters alike, though emotionally charged with several runaway political successes now to his credit, Zardari has lately been blackened like a Red Snapper by the American media, “oystercized” by the not-so-friendly British media, stirred fry like green beans by critics home and abroad and sauteed like diced carrots by the Pakistanis both in the USA and back home.

No wonder then that he had all the good reasons on Friday to make  a T.G.I.F. (Thank God It’s Friday) out of it for himself.

Giving one of his his favorite polo swings to the highly regimented daily protocols and formalities created by his aides and cohorts who are dime a dozen these days, Zardari decided to stampede his way ala Turkish delight, gushing with passion as he walked into the pad of his favorite Geisha.

Every one trusted the organizers of the New York Iftar party Friday on the official version why the president - Palin’s Pakistani admirer at the highest office, abruptly left after only few handshakes with the guests, leaving them in utter confusion whether to wait for him or to have dinner without him or to leave. He did not even deliver few words of thanks to the invited ones, even though his wonder boy - wheeler-dealer diplomatic wiz kid Ambassador Husain Haqqani had a rostrum and microphone ready for his boss’ speech.

Guests were officially told that the president had left because he had been overwhelmed by the emotional welcome he had received by the audience and was almost choking.


But only a select group of journalists was given the red meat by a senior embassy official himself.

The president left the Iftar party as swiftly as he had come, in order to rush to his favorite bar-cum-restaurant he had frequented while living in Manhattan during exile.

According to a review of the Geisha by the The Scene, “Well-heeled wait-listers squeeze into a narrow lounge where a young, international jet-set crowd sips cocktails on mod couches.”

Gayot.com says, “Geisha seems like two venues on one site—a downstairs bar scene and an upstairs place to find some exciting cuisine..”

Some Pakistani scribes scrambled the Geisha and were shocked to see the President there.

Zardari spent his next four hours partying in a private room there hosted ostensibly by the Turkish Ambassador to the United Nations, according to a reliable source. Only five persons were seen at the party. Mr Zardari’s many female acquaintances were seen gushing over him, according to the source.

Geisha is close to Bhutto’s (now Zardari’s) Mission Avenue two-bedroom million-dollar condominium located in the heart of the New York City where he lived convalescening from heart attack and spinal injury as he waited for lady luck to smile again. In the meanwhile he underwent therapy at Mt Sinai hospital.

The rest is history as we all know or claim to know!

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55 Responses to “Zardari’s T.G.I.F. in Manhattan”

  1. A.Rahman says:

    who cares about other u do as pakistani i remember the days few months ago every one of us rushed to banks to get their money from the banks in dollars shape caz some people talked about pakistan get down her existance.wht we did in that regard nothing ………….
    sort out a single leader i wil tel u about their correptions and their dirty minds.
    the president we r talking about is elected we didnt criticize previous as we do with current. he is member of the party that gave much causalities than other did in the country.
    we must care their voters if we get them down than no one can govern easily in this country

  2. Drums says:

    What theme do you use on this blog? Just curious.

    Thanks in advance :)

  3. MasoodBazmi says:

    Its a very good artical on Zardari. I appreciate the writer.

  4. zaheer says:

    zardari sb is only one personalaty in pakistan who can sale out it !@100000/per marla and open mind to donate pakistan to america in one moment with out in pakistan no one is shere-a pakistan khppay pakistan .19 karor want to go america and one million required for one man if we invite to america then according ti 19 karore multply 1 million then u can save huge amount after invitaton to america to run pakistan .now america have to pay daily to guideance to our pm ,cm ,and other america zinda abad zardari painda abad

  5. Shadupani says:

    The Man has the means to Party.
    Let him Party
    He is the President of My Country
    He is one of the 160 million citizens of the country
    The Leaders of a Country are the face of the citizens of the Country
    Zardari, Nawaz Shariff and the like
    are the face of the Pakistanis

  6. MAJAWAID says:

    Nothing new or surprising! do not forget we had an un-elected president with the name of Gen. Yahya, remember? Fact is, that we pakistanis have not tasted democracy and hence this hue and cry. let the system work, people as well as our leaders will come to terms with the dictates of the word ‘democracy’. let’s be patient! he is after all an elected president, his deeds or misdeeds are recorded in peoples mind and the best reward or else will be delivered in the next election. Let this happen again and again, i mean, elections

  7. cool guy says:

    I don’t understand that if so many people hate zardari (btw I hope there are new elections soon) then why do they vote for the mofo ?

  8. Asad says:

    yeh hamare hi gunnah hain ke aaj zardari jaise kameena shakhs hamara hakim hai. is main us ka koi qasoor nahi hai. is sab ke hum responsible hain.

  9. KAMRAN ALI KHAN says:

    Hi All,
    In my opinion he has his rights reserved, but as a PAKISTANI, i and all have a right to ask him how could he stop any of us to stop making jokes (rather truth) and have a question,

    1. What the F**K he is doing after he is been forceably being the President Of PAKISTAN?

    2. What is he going to do with the economy and all?
    nobody no government believes him and his government to provide them
    help with


    but to provide solutions themselves

    3. What if he won’t serve PAKISTAN like wise the Past Presidents?

    what should the people of PAKISTAN, should do with this “Decoit & Killer of all time” and selecting/offering his members of jail the MNAs and MPAs.

    If If If!!! This F**KING President is over/done with his so called tours, is he going to do anything for PAKISTAN?

    Should have to mention it (PLANS FOR PAKISTAN) clearly in speech & written

    Only we the people of PAKISTAN could make him & his government to act like this

    because in my opinion What ever Pervaiz Musharraf Was doing and had done Pakistan was in good state from any view,
    except for Islam he did only one thing wrong in my opinion, he hurt ISLAM very much but except for ISLAM

    what he did with every PUBLIC based organisation/firm marvelously put them where for the first time they were earning Profits and producing profits for the government, KSE was on the Peak of its life touching (almost) 16000 points next to NY stock railways, PIA, PTCL almost every firm was in better health then ever.

    What this freak President, is going to maintain it or going to do what all of they (presidents) did in past, just to Loot each penny out of the PAKISTAN and make their personel bank balance and palaces in different part of the world?

  10. Shahzad says:

    I am a Personal victim of this person who canceled all Ph.D scholarships (Allama Iqbal Cambridge Scholarship) from Cambridge University, UK in early 1990s because of his corruption. We returned home with empty faces and those scholarships were then transferred to India under Nehru Scholarships. He is a selfish person with bad intentions all over him …. history proves ….

  11. Sami says:

    I have yet to see more arseholes on a single blog then this one.

  12. hassan says:

    Zardari is the same person we bought up and gave an opportunity to letss not be hypocritessss its a famous sayinn “CHOOR BANGEEYA SIPHIYE” he’s a smart as nicca who knew wtf he was doin alll dat timeee beingggggg he played his card legit and knowww u can’t even touch this guy mr 10% is mr 100% this is life this is politics and this is our fuked up country called pakistan thnxxx to everyone who is responsible for itssss fukin destructionssss panchooodddooo

    Zardari dee pein naasgeeeye hiyeee saale kutha da putharrrrr he datin palinn and palinss a hot fukinnn milf dat will blow da whole senate jus to become VP

  13. adnan says:

    what the hell is happening to the people of pakistan…r u ppl blind? have u shut down your minds? how much more would u let this country suffer..what was the point of voting so much in the favour of PPP…hasn’t the same party come into action twice before..wht did they leave pakistan or what good did they do..just increased there own bank balances…still u elect the same fucking party..humaray president..drop out from school, a murderer, he spent half his life behind bars..what the hell do u think ur doing voting for this bastard…the person who can kill his own wife..can he be sincere with this country? ask yourself? jo apni maa ka na hosaka wo puri awaam ka kabhi hosakta hai..is everyone insivible..he plaing with pakistan and the people of pakistan…what does he care as long as he’s getting dollars..i swear if i get a chance ill kill that sonofabitch! without thinking…fuck u zardari!

  14. Rosa says:

    Zaradi…wow the most corrupt person on the planet is our president am surprised to read all the b/m comments about him. I mean….guyz what to u expect of a man involved in killing of his wife, his brother inlaw, various murders, kidnappings, taking under the table money…and not sure whether he raped any innocent girl/lady but i wudnt put it past him. He is a DOG … or worse he is the tail of a dog. He may have been in prison or WHATEVA…..but the bastard has not changed a bit. Like they say u put a dog’s tail in a pipe for even 50 years it will come out croaked. This is the story of our newly elected president. His lobby of ppl around him….Corrupt bastards and bitches. U see i dont blame him for this way. Its partially our fault. We knownly put him on the throne, gave him power to lead this country. Why? i ask u why wud we do that….? This man has so much money he can buy a small country!!!! now he is power hungry. He doesnt need to make money…he is here to throw his weight around. Simple logic!!
    All i have to say…these are the worse days i hv seen or experienced as a Pakistani…i am ashamed to be called a Pakistani at this point.

  15. FIAgoFuckItself says:

    hes a piece of shit just like the rest of the country….

  16. mudassir nawaz says:

    i just wana say that zardari is going to burn pakistan in coming years may almighty safe our beloved couintry from this mental person

  17. Asghar Durrani says:

    Dear Friends!!!

    Don’t waste your time in such gup-shup. Its a very common practice of our GR8 leaders. They’ve the right to ENJOY, after all they’re serving such a difficult nation n country, so why don’t they enjoy n entertain. They must have to recharge themselves and especially those who have lost their beloved Wife. Why are you all so much jelous of him and other GR8 people? Be broad n open minded yaar. We’re living in 21st century, don’t blame anyone, just look at yourself. Mr. Zardari and all other GR8 politicians, bearucrates, businessmen…. etc etc… all have the right and afterall WE’VE GIVEN THEM THIS RIGHT THRU OUR VOTE.

    Dear Mr. President…wat should I say except k ” LAGAY RAHO ZARDAARI, AB HY TUMHARI BAARI”.

    Asghar Durrani- A Hopefull Pakistani

  18. Mateen M. Mohajir says:

    Well, as the saying goes - also commented likewise in a few posts -”you reap as you sow”. Strictly speaking - again as commented in some of the posts - the people of Pakistan did NOT get Mr. Asif Ali Zardari to the Aiwan-e-Sadr: it was the collective will of the ELECTED Representatives. Ipso facto, that’s THE VOTERS!
    So, as said by many wise people of Pakistan, “He’s there, so diss the snide remarks, the vulgar jokes/unbecoming comments on the PRESIDENT OF PAKISTAN”.
    I, for one, have Faith in the SUPREME ALMIGHTY, and deep belief, that the future will see Pakistan and its People in much better condition, GOD WILLING.
    I also seriously believe that Mr. Asif Ali Zardari is making the right moves, trying to jell together all political forces, and he IS trying to get a makeover towards an honourable personal future - hopefully.
    Let him aprty all he wants to in private: but, yes, he must be more conscious of the comapny he projects, discreet and definitely curb the jiyalas and clean his soul pronto!!

  19. dude says:

    What hilarity!

    As a Pakistani well-versed in things “Pakistiani”, all I can say is Zardari is a creation of Pakistan. A country where urban businessmen, rural and urban politicians and feudals pillage and rip the money and body fabric of society to satiate their needs. Where religious hypocrits sodomise young students in madrassahs, and where anything goes as long as one does not openly criticise Islam, shariah or religon.

    As a nation of complaining idiots we actually deserve Asif Ali Zardari, as he is a true reflection of what we have become.

  20. Ahsan says:

    There is also a famous story of how this corrupt pig whole restaurant booked for him and a few of his guests just because he wanted to smoke a cigar.

  21. ammar says:

    i miss musharraf…he was far far better than this creature…..he has been eating pakistan since he was a boy and he is still and will keep on doing that…he is pakistan’s shame…our president…..Damn…..Go to hell zardari we hate u…pakistan hate u..

  22. ishaq says:

    Its my beleif quite deep in philosopy, that democracy is not at all the solution to the world problems, On the contrary this system is deviced by the eithiest and non beleivers of the world, by those who are under the influence of the powers other than the Allah.

    In comparison of the Allahs law presented to the mankind by various prophets, they need some weight on their system to convince the people that they cant go wrong, when they have majority of people. Muslims unfortunately has fallen pray to this system as in the earliest days after the demise of Prophet Mohammad S A W they could not decide who should follow to rule them. Now i can understand why people elected Moavia and then Yazid to the throne to rule the biggest muslim empire, leaving Imam Hassan and Imam hussain behind. Imam hussain wanted to implement Law of Allah brought by his Nana. While Yazid wanted to free the society from any bindings. When at that time people elected yazid as their emperor, then why not now they elect zardari as their president.
    In short the majority never can be on haq. Majority never wants to follow any rules. It is really shame for this nation that again they have elected a president, who brings shame to the name of Pakistan. Shia or sunni does not matter.

  23. akif says:

    I hate Zardari. Oh bloody!
    YA ALLAH! Hamary mulk ko zalimo sy bacha…………………

  24. Jawad Pirzada says:

    Dont feel jealous, if he visited girl friends. let him live normal life. He got 50 million from Asian dev bank, he got 200 billion pledged by friends of Pak group, he gave fresh breathe for Pakistanis, in US for Americans. He brought turmiol in Kashmir.We need to open up. Seen the nude poses wife of French President. Rise above bloody Taliban thinking. Let us breathe fresh. What you guys talk is pesimistic sentiments taught by mothers. Give pat to zardari, he he goofs up. dont give him vote after 4 years.

  25. mirza says:

    clearly the leadership is hand picked by the usa and is a proto type of the quality they pick to rule us.
    what is a shame is that no other institution or the political parties et-all could stand up against this phenomena.
    nothing will happen to pakistan rest assured, its only a period of entertainment for this country. soon (and this is not wishful thinking), when the us dollar collapses, it will take down with it the host of carnival clowns that have been given this party time!

  26. Akbar says:

    Two thumbs up Mr. President !!

    I have no issues if you could get my country the US $ 100 bn that you have pitched to accumulate over the Friends of Pakistan Aka read as (Friends of Democratic Pakistan) donar conference to be held in UAE this month.

    After all Nicholas Sarkozy, Veladamir Putin are known for such activities.

    President Bush is also rumored to have an affiar with Condoliza Rice. He is expected to divorce the first lady after elections.

    Search Google for these names and you might get surprised.

    You guys should have been surprised if Mr. Zardari was found not doing such things. After all he is not a hypocrate.

    Atleast i wont get arrested for such comments ;o)

  27. Haroon Malik says:

    Ashamed be they who voted him, support him and give clearifications for him. It is the history of Peoples Party that they never did good to the country. May God rid us of these rulers.

  28. Nasir says:

    Mr. Zardari’s act was no surprise. He exactly did what a Playboy should do when given the opportunity!!! we must read the writing on the wall.

  29. mr_bills says:

    OK! The fact of the matter is that Zardari made a fool of all the fat cat politicians and gained the Presidency, where were all the zardari haters when he was inching towards the presidency? Why didn’t all the smart asses stop it or fight it. He has proven he is the smartest of all. Besides when people criticize someone for having a good time they only do it because THEY want to have it themselves.

  30. Marya says:

    My comment in Musharraf’s words, “Pakistan Ka Khuda Hafiz!”

  31. Tariq says:

    Why is everyone making such a big fuss about Zardari, doing the disappearing act from the IFTAR? Doesnt everyone know Mr Zardari? Lets give the man a break, hasnt he abstained long since his “wifes” death? If he has? Not too sure!
    Chor chori say jata hai, haira phairi say nahin!!! Now that he is the MAN, out of wife’s shadow, let him prove so…
    Well done Mr Zardari, keep it up…the Country now only needed a fun loving guy like you to be living in the Presidency, we have tried everything else already in earlier PPP and Mian Gawalmandi’s regimes. Let the Party begin!!!!! Nero parties while Rome burns! Bravo!

  32. fayyaz says:

    Stop this shit spreading. thanks to our agencies and millitary rule we have no political leaders left. if u kill statesman like benazir and z a bhutto, thats how u will end up. but then that is the only solution, not just another gun totting general who have directly or indirectly ruled rather misruled this nation. praising a millitary dictator like musharaf is praising Osama bin laden. As Osama is personally knownn as more honest and honoured than Musharaf in his circle.

  33. MAG says:

    Just imagine Sarah Palin divorces her current husband and marries Asif

    Then Palin becomes Vice President of USA.

    Then Zardari kills Palin, changes the Will which henceforth says, ‘Zardari
    will become the President of USA if I die.’

    And eventually Zardari becomes President of USA six months after Palin’sdeath.

    Bilawal ends up changing his name to Bilawal Palin-Zardari.”

  34. Moiz says:

    Extreme bullshit. Pakistanis hate zardari (10%). This is going above limits! but the question is, what can the pakistanis do about it? How can we remove him? This would be bad for Pakistan as this country is already surrounded with deep problems. Removing him would rather worsen the situation and give an indication of wellcoming america on our soil.

  35. ia says:

    that son of a bitch.pardon the expression

  36. Irfan Ahmed says:

    I can imagine the amount of venom and filth you all so-called educated elete have in your brains and mouth and will always carry against PPP and specially against Zardari. You all claim yourselves to be civilized, educated and westernized, but cannot tolerate a genuinely elected President of Pakistan, unlike Musharraf who trampled all the norms of legality and fairplay and imposed himself on Pakistan through highly rigged referendum and later his unconstitutional election. I know Zardari did some errors on his first official visit outside Pakistan barely after 10 days of his election, but they were not of the magnitude as being portrayed. Put yourself in his shoes and then imagine the life he has been through. By merely leveling alegations and spitting venom, you all are looking too small. I give him the credit of holding the party united and bringing harmony amongst all politicians and getting away from the bitterness of the past.

  37. FAROOQ DADI says:

    At present Pakistan is going through under tremendous economic crises as well as Law & order situation too. The present Govt is running pillar to post to get the financial aid and loans from friends and those who intend to destroy Pakistan. The only goal to get the money as soon as possible, Even the Govt requested the overseas Pakistani’s to contribute their share in Pakistan economy to build the Nation. Now the question arise who is going to laid first stone. I will suggest Mr President Zardari should take the initiative and contribute at least ONE BILLION USD out of his 1.8 BILLION USD WORTH , Which is on record.Let the President start then the Whole Nation will response in a positive manner.Regards,
    Farooq Dadi

  38. Azif Ali says:

    Means whatever was going on in the minds of poor stupid people of Pakistan that Mr. Zardari killed his wife for power, are damn right. This could also be evident from the “swift death” of Benazir to the extra-special hurry in burying her body.

    Well, Well,……

  39. Jamil says:

    we Pakistani live in South Korea. Still we are not believing that such naughtiest ass is sitting on the honourable seat of Pakistan presidency. This is we think revenge of All mighty Allah to the nation of Pakistan. Our AMMAL was and is not showable before Allah that a naughty guy is presiding us. This Mr. 10% has distributed all key post of our lovely Pakistan to his raping collegues. Who is Chairman of PIA, the supplier of Air Hostess to the bed of Mr. 10%. Who is Rehman Malik, the great rapeist person who if turn 1 to 2 page of this life book all is black rubbish. At this time he is governing our great Army ?????? Who is Shree Rehman, she is a Sex Toy between PPP leaders who are feeding her milk cream with Ministry post. This is appeal to our Pakistani to pray Allah for a drastic change in Pakistan. Musharraf was the great man, people say him Dictator: What is Dictator, the desire of twice examined political rats i.e: Sharif dynesty, Bhutto dynesty were trying to carry Mr. Musharraf on their line but that great man was knowing the internal and external condition of Pakistan and with consultation of Army giving his order in best safe of Pakistan. Now after his departure all mouths of raingdays frogs are closed. Where are now two Yajooj & Majooj of Bolta Pakistan, where are now Journalist who were murmuring on AWARA TV channels after taking hush amount from Ganja Sharif to say against Mr. Great Musharraf. Mr. Musharraf was Army chief, he knows offence but not defence.

  40. Suhail Karim says:

    It beats me. Why this F—, Ch— nation does not get it right. You asked for a prick and you have got one. So why complain.

  41. yaseen ch says:

    well,zardarri was too nervous when he was talking to reporters with Bush ,may be because he thought this is the man who let Musharraf kill my wife but he removed all his nervousness on Sara Palin.

  42. Shuja Ahmed says:

    Okay, so once we have a video of him partying with women what exactly will anyone do about it? If you send a sms or email with the link the FIA will probably come knocking at your door (referring to the recent instructions given to FIA concerning jokes about the President).

    Yes, private life is private, enjoy all that you want, but decide if you want to be President and act like one.

  43. emaan mir says:

    Is this a Joke or what?!

    The actual problem is that the Pakistanis are trying to harness a mule in a horse’s harness i:e…… trying to fit a western module of governance on illiterate people.”Bhutto brought Western version of Democracy into Pk and ruined the very fabric of Pakistan forever”
    ……and now zardari has hijacked the party. Imagine what Bhutto would do if he were alive !

    zardari should save his children from the wrath of the actual Bhutto kids, who are the rightful heirs of this family heirloom ppp.

  44. temp123 says:

    a true success story, i.e. From “Bambino cinema to Presidency”.

    zardari has given hope to all the lowlife and scoundrels of the world, that they can become whatever (read President) they want to.

    no need to slander him, he is just showing us a mirror, to what we have become ourselves. Had we been given a chance like he was given, we would have done the same, if not outdone him totally.

    Ode to Zardari, he played his cards well,

  45. yns says:

    Hi, any got proof of this incident, i mean any videos etc of zardari partying. If not then I suggest, stop this slandering.

  46. Fascinating. Private lives of public officials is a private business. But not if the said officia - in this case Mr. Zardari, decides not to keep it so. I mean, would you alert the entire media by disappearing from a public event like an official dinner in a mysterious way and end up at a private party with your many girlfriends? And would you do this if you are the head of a major Muslim country, ditching a Ramadan iftar for a bash with Manhattan’s best hired chics?

  47. HILAL says:

    Shame on him. How he can leave so many guests waiting for him ? You know why because “uska dil to pinay-pilanay may laga hoa tha aur pata nahin usnay wahan aur kiya gul gilai hon gay” usko kiya perwah thi un logon ki jo uska intizaar kar rahay thay. It is the time to open our eyes & get rid off Mr. 10% oh No No now he has become Mr.100%

  48. Ashar says:

    Just a few months after murdering his wife, the President elect of Pakistan, one of the only people ever dismissed and kicked out of Karachi Grammar School for being a pathetic student and having disruptive and destructive behaviour, called one of the worst students by his college Principal at Petaro, named Mr 10% (read 90% now!), has stooped to a level of finding “Geisha’s” for himself and dumping Pakistanis for drinking and partying with other asses around him….I’ve lost all faith in Pakistan ever since this asshole came into power.


  1. [...] disappearance from an Iftar-dinner reception for Pakistanis to attend a private-room party with his girlfriends at an upscale Manhattan restaurant in New York [...]

  2. [...] To read Zardari’s interview on Wall Street Journal, click here, Also read the orders Zardari has given to track and arrest those who write jokes on him; you may also be interested in Zardaris’ T.G.I.F. in Manhattan. [...]

  3. [...] disappearance from anIftar-dinner reception for Pakistanis to attend aprivate-room party with his girlfriendsat an upscale Manhattan restaurantin New York [...]

  4. [...] disappearance from an Iftar-dinner reception for Pakistanis to attend a private-room party with his girlfriends at an upscale Manhattan restaurant in New York [...]

  5. [...] disappearance from an Iftar-dinner reception for Pakistanis to attend a private-room party with his girlfriends at an upscale Manhattan restaurant in New York [...]

  6. [...] disappearance from an Iftar-dinner reception for Pakistanis to attend a private-room party with his girlfriends at an upscale Manhattan restaurant in New York [...]

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