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Welcome to our website PKonweb.com - a portal for Pakistan, Pakistanis and Pakistan affairs.

Operating simultaneously from the United States and Pakistan, PKonweb endeavours to present the good, the not so good and even the ugly news, views, blogs, comments, forums, editorials, articles, cartoons and photos on Pakistan, Pakistanis and Pakistan affairs as they appear in major newspapers online as well as on other news portals on the worldwide web.

It has been initiated by a group of dedicated Pakistani profesisonals who have been successfully running one of the most popular and one of the most visited South Asian websites DesPardes.com since 2000.

The idea of PKonweb.com germinated in September 2008 but it was not until March 2009 that it evolved into a visible bud. Since then it has been growing…blossoming into a sunflower of thoughts and opinions ranging from the most mundane to the most controversial.

The team also plans to launch a weekly Urdu newspaper “DesPardes” from the northern tri-state areas of the USA, i.e. New York and New Jersey. Efforts are on to hopefully officially launch it soon. We are but keeping our fingers crossed as it is an ambitious venture.

At PKonWeb.com, we strive daily to help you find related and relevant information on Pakistan-specific news, views, pix, toons politics, health and family issues and advices on cities, technologies, music, movies, events, activities and more. The items of interests will continue to grow as we expand our base.

By collecting information on Pakistan from major search engines, the internet and from other sources, we strive to be independent, unbiased, bold, agressive even if the subject is most controversial. You can either have a say by posting your comment on each article or you can join our discussion forum and create your own topic.

We also welcome ideas, suggestions from you on improving our portal to make it more interesting, effective and enojyable. You can contact us at [email protected] with your ideas, criticisms, suggestions. Both bouquets and brickbats are acceptable no matter to which side of the intellectual ocean you may belong to.

A team of honorary and consulting editors, contributors, bloggers and  reporters drive this news portal 24 hours a day. From USA, Canada, UK, South Asia, Pakistan and the Middle East, these great individuals are striving to keep the portal updated round the clock - that is 24/7. The team is gradually growing in number. You are welcome to join the team too. Just email us at [email protected]  or tweet us at http://twitter.com/pkonweb

A new team member is voted in by the rest of the team members based on our policy, criteria and standards. So any one of you can join the team as long as you meet our standards based on credentials you present to us or you can become a citizen journalist to begin with. After few submissions and contributions you may then be voted in as a regular contributer/blogger. But it is not guranteed.

Have a good surfing and PKabad!

Irshad Salim


Most photographic images are owned by their respective copyright owner. Where possible the appropriate accreditation is given. Most images have been obtained by email and on the internet and due to image alterations ownership of many images can not be ascertained.

News and Press articles are sourced from many websites and are owned by their respective Copyright owner. Where possible the appropriate accreditation or source of the article is given on the same page.

The site assumes no responsibility for the contents of any other web sites to which this web site has links.

The documents and related graphics published on this web site could include technical inaccuracies or typographical errors. Changes are periodically added to the information herein. Improvements may be made and/or changes made to the documents and/or graphics described herein at any time.

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17 Responses to “ABOUT US”

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    Wonderful web site, was very useful. Lovely touch having this guestbook. Thanks

  2. real casino says:

    Just stopped by to visit and got the crunch on your stuff in here - bravo!

  3. ahakim naz says:

    I m seeking Najam Sethis email address please

  4. Hi there, I must say that you have done a wonderful job on your site and I thoroughly enjoyed my stay here, I thank you for sharing it with me…

  5. Munawar Nadeem says:

    Great effort.
    Photo we like is nice new introduction to the site. But it lacks the date when picture was taken. Mentioning date will make more sense to pics.

  6. Mohammad Ali Mugheri

  7. mohammad ali says:

    i realy appreciate to the president of boxing (mr.DODA KHAN BHUTTO) who plays vital role in the field of boxing, who realy give support to the boxers of pakistan. and in last i want to say sallam to the presint of the boxing.

  8. shahana says:

    i had written my article on current affairs and about social issue in pakistan .how can i publisheb it .
    guide me
    thank you

  9. BiLAL KHAN says:

    Students Now You can join the SWO (Students Welfare Organization) you have to do is ust register your Mobile number as well as yourself.
    For this PLease Do the following steps;

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  10. Aslamo alaikum, today by chance I found your web,realy very intresting & rich text, I appricate,we are happy to inform to all pakistani brothers that we are starting a new political party in pakistan,ADAL PARTY OF PAKISTAN,BASICALLY we will serve the Nation on political platform but like N G O,we will show to the politcians how nation can be served, we belive in Justice for all,EQUALITY,PEACE,WE REQUEST TO ALL PAK BROTHERS PLS COME AND SERVE THE NATION WITH HONESTY,

  11. Ejaz Asi says:

    It doesn’t mention when did PKOnWeb start? I’ll be watching you guys and after may be few months (if you guys’re new) you should put up your basic stats and avert. tariff. Some of my clients might benefit from the sort of audience you’re attracting, I think.

  12. ZAB says:

    Dear Irshad Sahib, salam

    I want to publish my few articles on this web-site. Please guide what to do. Thanks and regards.

    Zafar A. Bokhari

  13. Navid Riaz says:

    I am the Executive Editor of Jahangir’s World Times, an English monthly magazine of repute. Being a journalist for the last 30 years I am sensitive to the issues facing Pakistan. Our country today is passing a critical phase. The economy is in a totally bad shape. Poverty graph has risen. Job opportunities are scare. Social problems are accumulating day by day.Human rights situation is deplorable. There is no hope as majority of the people are languishing in poverty.
    The policy makers need to concentrate on the issues and resolve them. Only promises are not enough. Concrete results matter. After all, actions speak louder than words.

  14. Reena says:

    please upload Doosra Pehlu’s episode of 29th April 2009

  15. Reena says:

    please upload Doosra Pehlu’s 29th April 2009’s episode


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