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Who Is Hafiz Mohammad Saeed?

A former teacher of Islamic studies at Lahore's University of Engineering and Technology, Saeed co-founded Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) in 1990.

Pakistan’s government lodged appeals on last Monday against a court decision to release Hafiz Mohammad Saeed, an Islamist leader whom India has accused of plotting a bloody assault on the Indian city of Mumbai in November.

Saeed was put under house arrest in early December after a U.N. Security Council committee added him and an Islamist charity he heads to a list of people and organisations linked to al Qaeda or the Taliban.

Here are some questions and answers about Hafiz Mohammad Saeed and Islamic groups in Pakistan.

Who Is Saeed?

- A former teacher of Islamic studies at Lahore’s University of Engineering and Technology, Saeed co-founded Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) in 1990.

- The LeT for years battled Indian forces in the disputed Kashmir region, but Saeed stepped down as its leader shortly after India accused the group of being behind a militant attack on its parliament in December 2001. The group was banned in Pakistan in January 2002.

- Saeed now heads the Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD) Islamist charity, which the United Nations said in December was an LeT front.

Who Are LeT and JuD?

- Lashkar-e-Taiba means “the army of Taiba”. Taiba is the old name of the Muslim holy city of Medina in Saudi Arabia. The group’s name has also been translated as “the army of the pure”. It was an offshoot of Markaz Dawatul Irshad, an Islamic charity and educational organisation later renamed Jamaat-ud-Dawa, which was at the forefront of relief work after a 2005 earthquake killed 73,000 people in northern Pakistan.

- Lashkar based its philosophy on Wahabism, the austere brand of Islam practised in Saudi Arabia, and has relied mostly on donations from overseas.

- Its objective is to Islamicise South Asia and to end Indian rule in Kashmir.  Until recently, the JuD had an extensive welfare network across Pakistan funded by donations. — JuD members have also been aiding people displaced by a Pakistani army offensive against militants in the northwest.

What Has LeT Done?

- The group claimed responsibility for an attack on an army base in New Delhi’s Red Fort which killed three people in 2000. It also claimed an attack on Srinagar airport in January 2001 that led to the deaths of five Indians and six militants and an attack in April 2001 on Indian border forces.

- In December 2001, gunmen raided India’s parliament, killing 14 people. India accused the Pakistan-based Jaish-e-Mohammad and the LeT of being responsible. The attack brought nuclear-armed India and Pakistan to the brink of a fourth war. Lashkar denied it was involved.

- The group was blamed for, but denied, bomb attacks on markets in New Delhi that killed about 66 people in October 2005.

- India says the assault on Mumbai last November was carried out by Pakistan-based members of the LeT.

What Counter-Measures Have Been Taken?

- Former Pakistani President General Pervez Musharraf banned the two groups accused of the attack on India’s parliament in January 2002. The United States designated Lashkar a “foreign terrorist organisation” in 2001.

- The United States froze the assets of four prominent LeT members in May 2008 including Saeed, who the United States said was Lashkar’s chief who played a major role in operational and fund-raising activities.

- It named the others as Pakistan-born Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi, chief of operations, Haji Muhammad Ashraf, chief of finance and Indian-born Mahmoud Mohammad Ahmed Bahaziq, described as the main Lashkar financier in the 1980s and 1990s.

- A U.N. Security Council committee in December added Saeed and the JuD to a list of people and organisations linked to al Qaeda or the Taliban.

-Source: ARY NEWS-

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3 Responses to “Who Is Hafiz Mohammad Saeed?”

  1. Sid says:

    Shahana hum aap se bilkul sehmat hain.

  2. Shahana says:

    I really dont understand why Pakistan reales so kind of terrorist like Hafiz Saeed ???
    What are they doing in Pakistan???
    Why pakistan safe those kind of terrorist?
    What actually Pakistan want?
    Which Game actually Pakistan play???
    Is Pakistan really want to show to whole world that Pkaistan is already involved in every terrorism ???
    Is Pakistan want to show to whole world that INDIA is always right.What they think and pointing thire fingers on about Pakistan is every words are full with truthness.???
    I really dissopinted with Pakistan’s motive n also with Zardari n Gilaani.Both Leaders are disable to take any responsibilty of Pkaistan.Both leaders are already Begars n Crimnals they had already crimnals charges .” Ager Hakim-e-waqt hi Mujrim aur Gunhegaar hon aur jahan mujrimon ko saza nahi milti ho balke Nawaz,Zardari,Gilaani,Hafiz Saeed aur Laal Masijid ke Moalim ko Izzat se nawaza aur choda jata ho to phir aise mulk ko to Allah bhi kabhi madad nahi kerta balke aise mulk ko Azab se nawazta hai aur aise hi mulkon per azabe ilaahi ki surat dossri qoumein un per naazil hoti hain,aur aise mulk duniya mein kahin munh dikhaane ke qaabil nahi rehte jaise Pakistan.”.Zardari is capable only for ” Bheek Maangna”.He is hungry about Money ,everyone know about his PAST.How can we forget about his Past. His ” Deen n Imaan is only Paisa.Every Pakistani is going to becomm a Begar soon.I think Pakistan is a muslim country but unfortuniatly they dont know ” What actually SHAHEED means “?.In Pkaistan every Mujrim kiled by muslims OR hanged becoz of his murder crime but Pakistani goverment called every Culrupt Person SHAHEED.What a shame on them .Shaheedon ka Mazaaq bana ker rakh diya hai Pakistan mein. Jo Sachhe the wafadaar the Pakistan ke saath jinke waqt mein Pakistan ne 7 saal bagher kisi terrisim aur violence ke sukoon se ghuzaare the us dour mein Auraten mehfooz thein log bagher kisi dar aur khouf ke bahar nikelte the na chori na loot maar na qatal gharatgari thi aise Hakimon ko ” Aamir” kehlarahe hain.Allah ka Azaab nazil hoga Pakistan per jahan Mujrim Shaheed kehlarahe hain aur Sachhe log Aamir.Aajkal ke Halaath bilkul sahi hain kiunke ye qoum Azabe ilaahi hi desserve kerti hai aur insha’allah bohat jald ek bohat bada Azaab nazil hoga ager Pakistani qoum ne apni Halat na badli to.Allah pakistan ke logon ko Naik hidayet se nawaze kiunke Naik Hidayet ki hi Pakistani qoum ko bohat zaroorat hai.Otherwise Azaab.!!!!

  3. Ali says:

    A drone for him.


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